CBS’ Fall 2015-2016 Lineup [Video]


Recently, the CBS network’s fall 2015-2016 lineup was finalized. Although there may still be changes in the form of cancellations or the like, the following represents the most current list of what will or will not be back for the next primetime season.

Renewed Series (Comedy):

2 Broke Girls (for a fifth season)
Mike & Molly (for a sixth season)
Mom (for a sixth season)
The Odd Couple
(for a second season)
The Big Bang Theory
(for a ninth season)

New Series (Comedy):

Angel From Hell
Life in Pieces

Rush Hour

Canceled Series (Comedy):

The McCarthys (after one season)
The Millers
(after two seasons)
Two and a Half Men
(after 12 seasons)

This reflects the current list of all renewed, canceled, and new comedy series in CBS’ fall 2015-2016 lineup. The next section reflects that of any axed, brought back or fresh drama show.

Renewed Series (Drama):

Criminal Minds (for an 11th season)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
(canceled after 15 seasons, but will return on CBS for a two-hour long movie to wrap up the series)
The Good Wife
(for a seventh season)
Elementary (for a fourth season)
CSI: Cyber
(for a second season)
Hawaii Five-0
(for a sixth season)
NCIS (for a 13th season)
Madam Secretary
(for a second season)
NCIS: New Orleans (for a second season)
Person of Interest
(for a fifth season)
(for a second season)
NCIS: Los Angeles
(for a seventh season)

Canceled Series (Drama):

Battle Creek (after one season)
The Mentalist
(after seven seasons)
(after one season)

New Series (Drama):

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders
Code Black

This is the current list of renewed, canceled, or upcoming series in CBS’ fall 2015-2016 lineup. Fans of reality television will be excited to hear that the following television shows have been renewed. None were canceled after the previous primetime season, and there are as yet no upcoming series named.

Renewed Series (Reality):

The Amazing Race (for a 27th season)
Big Brother
(for a 17th season)
(for a 31st season)
Undercover Boss
(for a seventh season)

The amount of reality television series seems to be declining, and not only on CBS. Indeed, FOX recently announced that the most well-known singing competition, American Idol, will be ending after 15 years, with network executives choosing to pull the plug at the end of the 2016 installment of the series.

Although it is true that various television stations attempt to resurrect the idea each season with various versions of the concept, such as cooking, singing or a survival-type test, these series usually do not pan out and are canceled after the first season. Take, for example, Utopia, a FOX series which put a group of individuals on an isolated island where they were challenged to build their own society from scratch. The following list represents those series which do not fit into any of the above categories, due to their being a hybrid of two different kinds of television shows.

Renewed Series (Other):

48 Hours (for a 27th season)
Thursday Night Football
(for a ninth season)
60 Minutes
(for a 48th season)

The aforementioned lists reflect the current list of CBS shows renewed, canceled, or coming to TV this 2015-2016 season. The network may still change their mind on any of these, as there are still a few more months to go until the fall primetime season hits.

By Chanel van der Woodsen

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  1. Cindy Beam   July 30, 2015 at 1:30 pm

    I’m disappointed that Stalker has been cancelled. I really liked it.


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