Bobbi Kristina Brown Off Life-Support as Health Improves, Says Aunt


Bobbi Kristina Brown is reportedly off life-support as her health continues to improve, according to a shocking new claim made by her auntie. Leolah Brown was quick to comment on her niece’s health following reports that the Houstons were planning to take the 22-year-old home where they would say their final goodbyes before turning off her life-support machine.

Brown has been on life-support for more than four months and everybody had gotten to the point where they were convinced she would not make a recovery, but according to one family member, she is showing significant improvements. The socialite’s aunt tells a different story than to what news outlets have claimed in recent weeks.

In her own statement, Brown clarified that the troubled young adult has already been placed off life-support but it was not because her health was declining, it was actually the opposite. The statement continues: “We will never give up on her. Hell no,” which somewhat insinuates that the Houstons may have lost hope along the way.

According to an insider, many relatives were stunned to see that she was still on life-support after such a long time. Had it been their choice, she would have already left the rehab facility and put to rest simply because doctors had already confessed that for the 22-year-old to progressively get back to a healthy state was most likely not going to happen. She has reportedly suffered from significant brain damage seeing that she was found face-down underwater in her bathtub. Two weeks after she was rushed to a nearby hospital, the Browns had already been informed that switching off her life-support was the most appropriate thing to do.

Furthermore, last month saw many Houston fans take to social media after learning that the Houston family were fighting with the Browns over who would inherit the 22-year-old’s fortune once she passes away. As nobody had assumed that the TV-personality would wake up out of her coma and make a shocking recovery, sources say that all plans have diverted following the aunt’s claim.

But with all the good news on her supposed recovery, one should not forget about the estranged family members from the R&B singer’s side who wrongfully told the press back in February that the reality star’s health was much better, stressing she would be off life-support sometime during March. Several relatives were believed to have arranged paid interviews with news outlets — the juicier the information, the more money they would receive. Considering that relatives have told lies before over the 22-year-old’s life-support situation, it could very well be that she is still doing bad and won’t pull through.

Prior to the aunt’s statement, Brown had shown minimal improvement since January. Doctors have warned her father Bobby Brown that keeping his daughter on life-support could actually be more damaging to her than if he was to switch it off — that way she can finally rest in peace. Of course should it be true that Brown has made a miracle recovery, the 46-year-old would be more than relieved that he listened to his heart and not to the words of another doctor.

Written and edited by Maurice Cassidy


PerezHilton: Bobbi Kristina Is Off Life Support And Improving, Says Aunt Leolah Brown

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