BookCon2015 Gives Insight to the Lives of the Biggest Stars


Fans that are curious about the intimate details about lives of their favorite celebrities get a treat from BookCon2015. BookCon is exactly what it sounds like; it is a convention that hosts panels and meetings with the biggest authors, celebrities and publishers of today. It is not just a giant book club where classics are scrutinized, but, as the BookCon website describes, it is “the event where storytelling and pop culture collide.” The conception of such an idea is genius, and this year’s event, held in New York City, was teaming with fans.

The biggest celebrities on TV have made appearances and shared intimate details of their lives with fans and audiences at BookCon2015. A Q&A with Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak, the writers and stars of The Office and The Mindy Project, revealed information that made audiences feel closer to the comedians that they look up to. What is even more exciting about this bunch is that Kaling and Novak used to be a couple, and their closeness was reflected during their session at BookCon2015. Kaling talked about her new book “Why Not Me?” This is not even Kaling’s first memoir. The warmth of the title of Kaling’s latest book stems from its double meaning. “Why Not Me?” is a question of why everyone around Kaling is getting married and having children while she is not. But, it also asks if there should be any person who is a great entertainer, why should it not be Kaling? The double meaning is relatable and inspiring to audiences.

It is not just TV stars who dominate the spotlight at such conventions. BookCon2015 featured a breed of celebrities that audiences feel especially close to because they are ordinary people who climb the ladder with their creativity and a camera. YouTube stars also discussed why they wrote books. Stars such as Connor Franta and Shane Dawson described the experience of writing a book as an opportunity to delve deeper into their personal lives so that fans can see more of them other than what they are limited to seeing on YouTube videos. Simon & Schuster publishings created Keywords Press to focus on books written by internet sensations. This means that audiences can expect to see more dynamics of the lives of their favroite internet celebrities. BookCon made creative selections with its famous guests.

But what makes other celebrities so exciting to learn about and see live? Fans get to see a transformation in their favorite television icons. Nick Offerman and John Hodgman were joined by Paul Rudd to discuss Offerman’s book “Gumption.” Offerman is particularly unique to audiences because he is famous for playing the iconic Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. Ron Swanson’s character has his own special personality, appearance, and even his own signature quotes. To see the transformation of Ron Swanson reverting to Offerman to talk about a book is spectacular for Parks and Recreation fans. Offerman brought his unique comedy to the floor while talking about “Gumption,” even bringing hints of Ron Swanson’s persona into it. “Gumption” is a collection of profiles on 21 people in history who Offerman believed actually did possess gumption.

BookCon2015 lived up to its advertisement. One can either be a book worm or a television fanatic or both to get a spectacular day out of the event. BookCon2015 delivered the most exciting names in pop-culture and offered creative ways to get to know these people better for who they truly are. The question is, what does BookCon2016 have in store?

By Tania Dawood

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Featured Photo Courtesy of Peter Roan’s Flickr- Creative Commons License

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