‘Bridge of Spies’ Tom Hanks Protects Russia

Bridge of Spies

From mentally underdeveloped Forrest Gump to development mogul who falls in love in You’ve Got Mail, Tom Hanks has given America some of the greatest films moviegoers have ever seen. Now Hanks is back with yet another riveting film that is sure to make history buffs and patriots alike stamped to box offices everywhere to purchase their tickets. Bridge of Spies features Hank as American lawyer James B. Donovan, the person who defended Russian spy Rudolf Abel in 1957. Based on true events that occurred at the center of the Cold War, Bridge of Spies actor Tom Hanks protects Russia by defending a known traitor.

James B. Donovan was a name heard around the world as the tax lawyer was asked by the U.S. government to negotiate a swap for American spy pilot, Francis Gary Powers. An action that eventually leads to Donovan defending Russian spy, Rudolf Abel. Donovan’s stance on the matter was that everyone deserved the right to be defended, even America’s enemies. Hanks is seen in the movie’s trailer making a statement that boldly defines Donovan’s position on his decision to defend Abel, saying, “The constitution, that’s what makes us American. Shouldn’t we show our enemy who we are?” These are the very statements that show how Bridge of Spies actor, Tom Hanks, protects Russia in this historic retelling of one of America’s most dangerous periods in history.

Written by Matt Charman and the Coen brothers (Ethan and Joel), Steven Spielberg heads the direction of the film, which made Hanks thoroughly excited. Academy The Academy Award-winning actor expressed that after reading such a phenomenal script and finding out that Spielberg himself wanted him for the film was like, “…winning the power ball….” Hanks first worked with the Oscar award-winning director in the 1990s film Joe Versus the Volcano. They went on to work on Catch Me If You Can, The Terminal, and the war film that won Spielberg his third Oscar, Saving Private Ryan.

Playing the Soviet Union spy, Rudolf Abel, is BBC actor Thomas Cromwell, best known for his theatrical works such as his Tony Award-winning role in Twelfth Night. Playing Donovan’s wife, Mary, is Amy Ryan, who diligently holds her family together through the pressures of watching her husband be seen as somewhat of a traitor himself. Although the movie is based in truth, recalling some of the actual events and negotiations that Donovan had to endure, the trailer takes audiences into a world more violent and dangerous than any could have originally imagined. With bullets flying through residential windows, men being shot execution style while Hanks’ character is on a train headed for a meeting in Russia, moviegoers will recall the Cold War and the infamous case like never before.

As Bridge of Spies has Tom Hanks protecting Russia as the infamous James B. Donovan, the movie is sure to make American history fans line up for opening weekend. Those not so familiar with the details of the famed trial may simply see the film due to the reputable acting skills of Hanks himself. Whatever the reason for watching this film, the movie’s trailer definitely ropes viewers in with anticipation of the film’s October 16 release date.

By Danyol Jaye

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