Chicago Blackhawks Fly Over the Lightning to Take the Stanley Cup Home

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Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks were able to fly right over the Tampa Bay Lightning to keep the Stanley cup at their home ice. The cup was driven through a massive rain storm Monday night, but the staff responsible for it was determined to have it there. The team was able to carry it around the ice and celebrate, and that was especially great because they might not be together next season.

After a 2-0 victory, the Chicago Blackhawks looked forward to having their hands on the Stanley cup, but oh no there was no cup, but thankfully it was only fashionably late. The highly praised, and longed for the trophy had to take detour after detour but made it for the celebration. The staff left their hotel with plenty of time to spare, but the weather just had to interfere. That was not going to stop them from getting the big silver cup to the united center. They went at high speeds braving the weather and even got as high as 100 miles an hour at times.

The Chicago Blackhawks just may be celebrating their last victory together. As many players are in their early 30’s, and an athlete’s career is usually at a climax at 35. Not to mention that the some of the top players are going to free agents next season.

Within six seasons, the Chicago Blackhawks were flying over the Lightning Monday night on the ice and took the Stanley cup at home. Although they have gotten three Stanley cups, but has not had a home victory for it in over 76 years. The game six victory was truly exciting, and not since 1938 have they had that victory on home ice. Corey Crawford was astronomical in the net with just over 22 saves. This win made two shutouts for Crawford in this playoff series. The great Patrick Kane got his goal number one for the finals, and Duncan Keith broke through with the first goal of the game and made over 700 minutes of playing time for the 2015 playoffs. With just over 17 minutes to go Keith slapped one in Tampa Bay’s net, and Chicago had the lead, which they would stay ahead. Ben Bishop stopped Keith’s first attempt, but Keith got the rebound right over Bishop’s glove. In the first 20 minutes of the game, the Chicago Blackhawks had warranted two power plays and missed both golden opportunities’s to score.

Cedrick Paquette had gotten called for tripping, and that left it to Marian Hossa who was able to get a pass to Teuvo Terovainen who had his shot blocked by Bishops foot. Terovainen waited for a rebound, but he could not get his stick to make contact with the dribbling puck.The Chicago Blackhawk’s four top players may have to drift apart, because of the salary cap. Hosea, Keith, Kane, and Sharp for now will be celebrating the team’s victory, and even if it the last time they really did enjoy it, because they earned it. The four frontrunners smugly held the cup for maybe the last time, but they did help the Chicago Blackhawks fly over the Lightning bolts to take the big silver Stanley cup home.

By Katherine Miller-Chichester


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Photo courtesy of Charlie Lyons-Pardue’s Fllickr Page – Creative Commons License