‘Maleficent’ Sequel Coming Soon

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It is official–the sequel of Maleficent is coming soon. Disney has recently announced that it is making the sequel of its 2014 fairy tale, which starred Angelina Jolie. The production company has hired screenwriter Linda Woolverton to write the sequel and hoping Jolie returns for the starring role. Jolie has been kept in the loop and Disney is working with Woolverton to reunite the actress with her role. Although Jolie does not have a deal with the project, a new deal will have to be made for her return.

Maleficent, being a perspective shifting, live-action, and a retelling prequel of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, is hard to imagine what the creators can do with a sequel. Producer Jon Roth confirmed he will return for the sequel, but producer Robert Stromberg has not said anything yet.

The Disney film was very expensive to make–costing $180 million, but the film brought in $758 million worldwide. The movie was 2014’s highest-grossing Disney film around the world. Maleficent II coming soon will only bring in more big bucks.

Sadly, when Jolie was asked to return for previous sequels, such as Salt and Wanted, she did not reprise her roles. Disney is doing all it can to get her to reprise her role for a magical fairytale ending. Sources asked Jolie after the first Maleficent hit theaters, if she would return if a sequel took place, and she replied, “Possibly, she does not know, but she enjoyed making the film, she believed the first Maleficent was done thoroughly and did not believe another one would happen.” She also stated, “Maleficent was the Disney movie she would do and believed it was done well, as it is.”

Jolie has been busy since her last Disney debut making her own films and providing humanitarian work with the UN. She also has done voice overs in three of the Kung Fu Panda films. Disney might have a chance of a reprise because over a decade ago she appeared in the Lara Croft Tomb Raider sequels in 2003, although it did not work out well, according to sources.

Jolie is also known for being picky about her acting roles. Now that she is focused on her prestigious career as a film director of such films that came out in 2014, known as a WWII Tale and Unbroken,, Disney must take into consideration the changes Jolie has made since Maleficent.

Jolie is currently in the process of releasing her new film hitting theaters in November 2015, By the Sea. It is a romantic drama which stars the actress and her husband Brad Pitt. She also has her film Africa about Richard Leakey, which is soon to be released. If Jolie does not come back for the fairytale, the live-action movie will still be a hit in the box-office because the storyline also made the movie unforgettable. However, Disney would have some big horns to fill if Jolie decides to decline.

Maleficent II coming soon is exciting to the fans of the film. Disney has a lot up its sleeve with their live-action takes on their classic stories also in the making, such as Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, the Jungle Book, Winnie the PoohCruela, Dumbo, and Alice Looking Through the Glass. Now fans must prepare for Jolie’s decision.

Opinion By Krystle Mitchell
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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