Chris Brown Slammed Again by Karrueche Tran

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Singer Chris Brown got slammed once again by his ex, Karrueche Tran, when he attempted on Sunday to thank Tran for having been a part of his life on Instagram. He seemed to be genuinely trying to make nice with Tran, but she was having none of it, calling him out and saying that his talk was bullsh**t.

Tran, 27, apparently thought that Breezy’s words that he posted on his Instagram account about having “learned so much from” her, and his wishing Tran “nothing but happiness and the best,” were just empty words from him, meaning nothing. Whatever Brown’s actual intent was by writing the note to Tran, she considered it to be another “weak” attempt of his to make her and the world think that he has changed his ways.

Tran replied that the reason why their relationship was over was because of Brown’s “lack of loyalty,” as she put it. Tran wrote that other times when Brown was “weak” in the past, when they were together, included times when he reportedly forced himself into her car, broke her window and then his “trying to shower me w gifts.” She posted a photo of herself on her Instagram account, showing a ticked-off look on her face.

Though the Look At Me Now rapper seemed as if he was trying to make nice when he was slammed once again by Tran, it is hard to blame her for not trusting his words when he his past actions are also taken into account. His infidelity to her and Tran’s finding out this past March that Brown was the father of a baby with a woman that she knew likely spoke more to Tran of the type of person her ex was than his recent sweet words via Instagram.

Though Tran and Brown are split up, for whatever reason or reasons, they both cannot seem to stop talking about each other, either through interviews or social media sites. Both of them want the public to know their sides of the story and to present themselves in the best possible light to their fans. Because of that, both Tran’s and Brown’s names continue to stay in the news, and the public does not seem tired of reading more about the juicy details of their relationship and break-up.

The most recent blow-up between the Loyal singer and Tran appears to have resulted from Brown’s speaking out about Tran after she was interviewed by Access Hollywood. In the interview, the model was asked about her break-up with Brown, and she said it had to do with her finding out that he had cheated on her and had a baby daughter with a woman that she knew.

That got the Forever rapper angry, and he stated on Instagram that Tran should stop “doing interviews about me.” He wrote that she should talk about her career, instead. He was the first person in their exchange to use the word “weak,” writing that Tran’s continuing to bring up their relationship in interviews was “starting to get real weak now.”

Tran replied via her own Instagram account that Access Hollywood had asked her “a question and as a mature adult I answered.” She stated that she had not bashed him in the interview and that he should not get mad at her because their relationship had ended due to his “lack of loyalty.”

Tran’s response then led, apparently, to Brown’s sweet words about her and how he had “learned so much from” her. His words, however sweetly and innocently that Brown might have intended them to be, provoked Tran’s firing back that he was the one who was truly “weak” by how he had acted in the past.

In what seems at times to be a never-ending saga, the With You singer, Brown, was slammed again by Tran after he appeared to be trying to make nice with her on his Instagram account. Their love for each other might once have been strong, but now, with their relationship over, neither one of them seems to want to just let it die peacefully, and let the past be the past.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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