Chris Brown Party Interrupted When Gunshots Injured Five

Chris Brown

Early Sunday morning, Chris Brown and a local DJ were hosting a private party at a nightclub in San Jose when gunshots interrupted the performance, injuring five people at the venue, reports an article in Entertainment Weekly. The Fiesta Nightclub at 3840 Monterey Highway was where Chris Brown was holding the party when the altercation occurred, according to a spokesman for the San Jose Police Department, Officer Albert Morales. It was a sold-out event.

Morales, speaking to EW, told them that the incident happened “at about 1:20 this morning.” Chris Brown was singing Loyal when the gunshots occurred, though Morales said that the police did not “know if it was a scheduled performance.”

An Instagram video that TMZ got a hold of shows Chris Brown in the middle of singing Loyal at the nightclub in the San Francisco Bay Area when something off-camera attracts his attention. Seconds before the gunshots were fired, Brown says into the microphone that whoever he sees is “getting it on over there.”

After the gunshots that are heard on the video, Chris Brown’s security team usher the singer off of the stage. A female voice on the video exclaims that “Someone’s shooting a gun, oh my God!”

An article in the San Jose Mercury News mentions that Chris Brown assured his fans after the gunshots injured five people at the Fiesta Nightclub that he was not one of the people who had been shot. In a tweet that has since been deleted, the Grammy Award-winning singer wrote that “I’m 100.”

The San Francisco police have stated that “several” individuals were detained in regards to the incident that took place early on Sunday morning. Four of the gunshot victims were transported to a local hospital while a fifth went later on in the day and was reportedly “admitted to accident and emergency,” at a hospital, according to Irish Independent. The five victims that were shot have been reported to be in stable condition and are expected to survive.

The police have not released any details about a possible motive for the shooting that happened at the Fiesta Nightclub. Reportedly, more than one video was taken, and Chris Brown posted one of the mobile phone videos to his Vine profile. It depicts him looking towards something that is taking place in the crowded nightclub right before the gunshots can be heard. He can be seen wincing when he hears the shots. Then, the R&B singer is assisted off of the stage by his entourage.

Soon after the San Jose police 911 Communications Center received a call at approximately 1:20 a.m., they arrived at the Fiesta Nightclub, where musical artist Chris Brown had been performing at a private party being held by Brown and a local DJ. Five people were shot after an altercation turned violent, though none of the injuries were life-threatening ones. The investigation is still ongoing, according to Morales, and witnesses are still being interviewed, in an attempt to establish a motive and learn more about what led up to the gunshots being fired.

Written By: Douglas Cobb

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