Cornelia De Wet Intimidation Before Trial

De Wet

The Guardian LV had the opportunity to interview Cornelia De Wet as the approaching trial is set to start in the Regional Court on July 10 on charges of unlawful possession of explosives and ammunition more than three years ago. There has been intimidation, threats, and suspicious statements popping up that might cause a furor during the trial. The trial set to start after a waiting period of more than three years and over 40 court appearances will hopefully come to an end.

The last three years have been challenging and devastating for the accused and the family, especially the children who have been the subject of scorn. There has been a loss of income based on the fact that De Wet has been unable to work, thereby placing the family welfare at risk. A trying time indeed as the trial date nears so do the threats aimed at the family.

A question that must be answered is whether the South African police are intimidating people to give statements. De Wet obtained a statement written by an inmate of Middelburg Correctional Services. The statement declares that De Wet killed seven people and six police officers, twenty years ago and that the killers were shot by police. It is obvious that the statement is a falsified lie by officers and a plan to use as a strategy during the court proceedings. In the same declaration, the inmate mentioned Leeuwag as the perpetrators behind the cause of problems. It is all a lie as Leeuwag was not an official company when the statement was presented. Are the police falsifying statements and intimidated inmates to sign?

Three groups, Leeuwag, Panzer Protection and BBF are behind the debacle that caused De Wet to end up in prison for two years. These groups have not stopped the harassment and creating a possibility of an unfair trial. Death threats, abduction, and scorn are among the many fears the family has had to endure over the last few years.

De WetIt is a case of framing an innocent person, and the Leeuwag are doing a good job of ensuring the accused will take the fall for all the wrongs of the past. The group is known for the police involvement and informants of the police. There were many unethical operations carried out by the group who disclosed information about the underhanded manners to De Wet, before the downfall. Frik Steenberg among others was frequent visitors to the farm where the De Wet family lived, and the entire group structure was to create awareness of safety for the Boer people of South Africa. Perhaps intimidating farmers into believing this protection group could save lives was a mistake, especially when it was the very same group that instigated attacks on farmers. The whole culture of intimidation from the beginning has not stopped. When things went horribly wrong for the group, panic set in and in an attempt to cover the mistakes, De Wet was the sacrificial lamb.

The entire account is all about the South African Police, coupled with protection groups who have no respect for the law or innocent people. The justice system does not offer protection to the people of South and the high corruption, bribery and fraud within this department do not provide answers for victims. Unfortunately, De Wet is a victim of a well developed devious plan that could not continue to cover up the evils of people who act above the law.

It is perhaps a reassuring thought that the statements presented during the trial could well prove how corrupt the police have been during the investigation. It might well end up as a case of unsubstantiated evidence and the case thrown out of court however De Wet does not seem to think this will happen. It might well be that the corrupt justice system will use intimidation before the trial in an attempt cover up the transgressions and prove De Wet guilty for the sake of saving face.

By Laura Oneale

To learn more, or for more information on Cornelia De Wet – Link

Personal Interview with Cornelia De Wet, from Middleburg, South Africa.

Courtesy Cornelia De Wet

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    thank you for the truth to be told ,first newspaper told the truth .thank you Laura .


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