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‘Defiance’ Is Stirring Worldwide Curiosity in Season 3



Defiance has fans puzzled, not only with a new season and loads of intergalactic dots that need connecting, but also with the addition of three new actors creating three new riveting storylines that the season premiere, apparently, did not disappoint. However, Season 3 of Defiance is stirring curiosity worldwide among skeptics and fans alike as to why this show is so popular and continues to be picked up for additional seasons.

With major mainstream networks focusing on reality television, seductive vampires in love, rich revenge schemes and a boat load of cop investigative programming, many people are still unable to see the show’s relevance. The show takes place in the (not so distant) future with human and space aliens living in a Saint Louis commune town known as Defiance. The Syfy show premiered its first season back in April of 2013. Having only a 12 episode run, its first season captivated science fiction audiences in both the U.S and Canada while spreading to France, Germany, Ireland, and the U.K a day later.

Metacritic gave the show’s first season a 57 percent rating while Maureen Ryan of The Huffington Post said the show was, “…indisputably science fiction…,” explaining that many other science fiction geared shows are often watered-down to nothing more than a “genre-lite drama.” However, with such a paradoxical acceptance of the series, Defiance’s Season 3 continues stirring curiosity among worldwide audiences who question subsequent seasons being picked up.

Adding an extra episode after the conclusion of season one, a 13-episode run seems to be the trend as Season 3 of Defiance will follow the same formula. For those die-hard Syfy fans, Defiance is a world of creative and provocative fantasy that intertwines rugged, post-apocalyptic circumstances with high-tech weaponry and incredible intergalactic species’ for writers and fans alike to explore.

However, being that the show takes place in 2046, critics wonder how realistic can this show really be. Some non-supporters argue that what makes a show great is the ability to find yourself in the storyline. To be able to get lost in the possibility that what is happening on the screen can actually happen in real life. Fanatics of the show disputes those skeptics saying that science fiction is a genre that defies the generalities of normalcy to delve into a world of unknown possibilities and speculation. It is not meant to be taken literally, hence the fiction side of the genre title. Many fans agree that those who can not understand how awesome and amazing this show seems to be, are better left watching people eat bugs and marry strangers for money.

TV Line sat with the show’s star, Grant Bowler, to discuss the season premiere’s additions and how the cliff-hanger of its predecessor will play into this season’s story. “I am constantly made anxious by the fact that they do their best to kill me at the end of every season,” says Bowler. “I wonder if it’s just to keep me under control? Because, like, I’m dead or near-dead or hopelessly close to dead at the end of seasons.”

Lee Tergesen joins that cast as ruthless and maniacal, General Rahm Tak, and blows away the minds of many fans, including Bowler who jokingly admits, “He’s a little too comfortable in a wig for my liking, but he was phenomenal.”  Many watchers may recognize Tergesen as Tobias Beecher on the hit HBO series Oz which ran from 1997 to 2003. Conrad Coates and Nichole Galicia team up as father and daughter duo this season bringing a new race of alien to Defiance known as the Omec.

There is no doubt that Season 3 of Defiance is continually stirring curiosity among worldwide audiences as to why this show is as popular as it has become. However, fans are more than elated to have this season’s episodes up and running with great storylines, new plot twists, and a foreseen gamut of secrets revealed. Bowler confirms that the season is sure to knock the proverbial socks off of fans by saying, “…as it turns out, Season 3, I think, is by light years the best season that we’ve shot…in part because we’re focusing more clearly on what we have.”

Defiance airs Fridays at 8 p.m. PST on Syfy.

By Danyol Jaye

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