‘Escaping Polygamy’ Documentary Series Premiering on LMN


A new documentary series will be premiering on LMN in July, Escaping Polygamy, which will follow three sisters who have left the lifestyle, and are now working to help others who are attempting to escape as well. In a June 10 press release, LMN announced that the new program will begin airing on July 14. The announcement was made by the Head of Programming and Development of LMN, Laura Fleury.

Fleury said that Escaping Polygamy will actually give viewers some of the most unprecedented access into what actually happens in this subculture, that many describe as mysterious and even frightening. The series will follow Shanell, Jessica and Andrea, three sisters who escaped the polygamist lifestyle over 10 years ago. Fleury said that the viewers will get a chance to experience the spiritual and dramatic roller-coaster that the three sisters and the people they help must deal with as they break free from polygamy.

PolygamyThe three women left a highly secretive group of polygamists who were based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. The group which the sisters left is known as the Kingston clan, which is also part of a group known as the Order.

In the new documentary series premiering on LMN, Escaping Polygamy, viewers get a chance to see these three women as they attempt to help others who are trying to leave the life they were mostly born and raised in. It is their mission in life to help the young women, men and children who are making an attempt to escape an abusive lifestyle. The sisters will also help these people manage in their new lives outside of polygamy.

Within each of the episodes, Jessica, Andrea and Shanell will work with individuals who are at different points in the process of leaving the polygamist lifestyle. This includes people who are just starting to realize that they need to get out of polygamy, those who have already begun to actively attempt to escape, and even those who are dealing with the struggles of adjusting to the realities of the outside world. The individuals who are struggling with the new adjustments in their life often face the very real temptation of returning back into a lifestyle in which they are already familiar.

Viewers of the program will get a chance to witness all of these struggles and hardships associated with leaving polygamy behind. In fact, the documentary series will allow people to see just how hard it is to leave polygamy, while learning that leaving is really only the first step in a much longer journey.

Escaping Polygamy is being produced by RIVR Media for LMN. The executive producers of the show for RIVR Media are Lori Stryer, Rob Lundgren and Dee Haslam. LMN’s executive producers are Jennifer Wagman, as well as Fleury.

The polygamist lifestyle has been highly discussed and debated lately, as more and more individuals have come forward to discuss their lives in an effort to dispel many of the negative connotations associated with plural marriage and relationships. With this new program, LMN brings some of the darker aspects to the forefront, in an effort to show another side of the life and the people living in it.  The new documentary series, Escaping Polygamy, is premiering on LMN on July 14 at 10 PM EST. There are six one hour episodes that are scheduled to air on the network.

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LMN – Escaping Polygamy

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