‘Monster in My Family’ Brings Together Families of Serial Killers and the Victims

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In a new series on LMN, Monster in My Family, the families of serial killers will be brought together with some of their victims families. On June 3, the network announced that they would be premiering this new series on July 1, with Melissa Moore, an international expert and speaker, facilitating these meetings.

Moore is the daughter of Keith Hunter Jesperson, a man who is also known as the Happy Face Killer. In the premiere episode of Monster in My Family, she brings her own story as the child of a serial killer to the viewers, while also getting together with the family members of one of her father’s victims and apologizing for his crimes. This is not the first time that Moore has discussed what it was like living and growing up with a father who turned out be a murderer. She originally shared her story in a bestselling memoir, Shattered Silence. Now the expert in recovering from domestic violence, trauma and serial violent crimes, will help other families on their journey to connect and seek some form of closure.

Each episode will offer the viewers a chance to learn more about a new family and their tragic pasts. Monster in My Family will give the home audience an unprecedented chance to see a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of each of these serial killers. This includes showcasing journals, photos, home video footage, plus much more, as the people who were the closest to the killers get a chance to speak.

The series is revealing just how some of the most notorious serial killers led dual lives, by speaking to their friends, children, partners and parents. With the guidance of Moore, the family members of these serial killers will be brought together with the victims’ families for the very first time, in order to potentially offer some sort of closure and perhaps even peace.

Along with the Happy Face Killer, other episodes will focus on five other serial killers and their stories and family. These killers include, Robert Lee Yates, Bobbie Joe Long, John Wayne Gacy, Dale Hausner and the DC Sniper.

Serial KillerMonster in My Family is being produced for LMN by Morningstar Entertainment. The executive producers for the series for Morningstar Entertainment are Paninee Theeranuntawat and Gary Tarpinian, the series producer for the company is Gary Benthin. LMN’s executive producers for the series are Jennifer Wagman and Laura Fleury.

There will be six one hour long episodes of Monster in My Family, as it brings together the families of serial killers with some of their victims families. As part of this non-fiction series, that is being described as riveting, viewers will get a chance to see another side of the story, as the killer’s family reaches out to express their own sorrows and apologies. This is a chance for people to get an entirely new perspective on these tragic stories, as the families behind the killers get a chance to express their own sorrow and horror over these events. Viewers interested in getting a more in-depth picture of these killers can see the program when in premiers on LMN, July 1 at 9 PM EST.

By Kimberley Spinney


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