‘NASA: Ancient Aliens the Ultimate Evidence’: Did Extraterrestrials Exist?


NASA: Ancient Aliens: Ultimate Evidence is a TV show that takes a hard look at the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth during the caveman era. The show’s premise suggest that there have been countless sightings throughout history. Each episode in this series answers questions, revisits provocative controversies, sorts through first-hand accounts, speculations, and theories, with remarkable depth, to unlock the mystery behind this ancient debate.

NASA: Ancient Aliens: Ultimate Evidence airs on Fridays at 9 p.m. Central, on The History Channel. The show primarily reveals information about NASA’s involvement with evidence about aliens and Mega Disasters. The theory in one episode is that tsunami’s and major earthquakes were created by supernatural beings of some sort. It could have been extraterrestrials as many people have reported seeing UFO’s in the aftermath. Some observers even believe that it could have been gods or even The Supreme Being.

It could be possible that aliens have something to do with catastrophic disasters, according to NASA: Ancient Aliens: Ultimate Evidence. March 11, 2011, Japan was hit by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake under the ocean floor. Tokyo felt the tremors too. Then a tsunami hit Japan 30 minutes later. There were 19,000 people lost in the devastation. After the disaster, thousands of UFO’s were sighted all over Japan.

An underwater earthquake and tsunami destroyed Crete and the cities along the coast. The earthquake raised the Island of Crete 9 meters. It was thought to be Greek gods, who are from another world, creating natural disasters, such as Poseidon with his triton, as stated in NASA: Ancient Aliens: Ultimate Evidence.

January, 2010, it was reported in NASA: Ancient Aliens: Ultimate Evidence, Haiti, was crushed at 4:53 p.m. with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. In Porte Prince, missionaries filmed a strange ball of light hovering overhead after the earthquake had passed. This could have been extraterrestrials watching the aftermath of the destruction or it could be, what is referred to as, ‘earthquake weather’ or technological origin, from all the energy that is released from the Earth in a natural disaster.  The government has been researching how to use weather as a weapon. During the Vietnam War, the U.S. attempted to control the weather by flooding Vietnam’s supply lines.

Noah was told by God, a Supernatural Being, to build an ark and to fill it with animals. The Earth was completely flooded and everyone and everything that was not in the ark, drowned in the flood. There is a similar story in Mesopotamia, the entire planet was wiped out by a flood. Imagination or real? From another world? Are ancient extraterrestrials weaponizing the weather? There are flood stories all around the world. Is it a memory of the flood from God-like beings? Is it aliens unhappy with Earthlings so they created the flood? Did extraterrestrials help people survive?


Indonesia has 129 active volcanoes. April 1814, a volcano discharged 120 cubic tons of magma into the air. The number of people who died was 71,000. However, the volcanic eruption lowered the average global temperature. Hawaii has the most active volcano in the world. The volcanic activity could have been created by the Goddess of lightning and fire. The military has hollowed out a mountain as an impenetrable and secretive location, could extraterrestrials be doing the same with volcanoes? Ancestors worshiped nature because it is so powerful and uncontrollable.

This was a sample of NASA: Ancient Aliens: Ultimate Evidence episode Aliens and Mega Disasters. This article only refers to half of the episode, there is much more.

According to Jason Colavito, writer and editor of the topics, science, archeology and horror fiction,  NASA: Ancient Aliens: Ultimate Evidence, is advertised as “The most conclusive evidence ever.”  Colavito believes this show to be old and recycled from another HISTORY series,  S05E08: Beyond Nazca, with new-like information added. Colavito continued, saying he is unsure how the lines of Nazca became the equivalent of ancient astronauts, as the show claims. The episode showed that there are odd shapes and animal-like figures, but nothing that really seems alien.

The episode watched by Colavito was different that the one about natural disasters. He said the episode he watched was NASA: Ancient Aliens: Ultimate Evidence, the episode, In Search of Aliens. The episode opened with narration by Giorgio Tsoukalos. Colavito claims that the narration is horrible and recycled. He continued by commenting that the show was not well put together. The episode he watched gave a history of the Nazca lines and the recognition it has received by flyovers. The lines are swept into the desert. There were iron-oxide rocks that have been pushed to the side to show the yellow clay underneath and reveal the lines in the desert. There is no explanation for the lines, but that the lines were meant to be looked at from the air. The narrator stated that the lines of the Great Triangle geoglyph seemed to be pushed down, not cleared off, to a 24 inch depth. Colavito believes that the lines are only one to two inches deep. It was thought that an alien probe shuffled across the desert for research. That is half of an episode Colavito watched along with his commentary.

Upon further research, the episode Colavito claims to have watched the episode, In Search of Aliens, according to the description of NASA: Ancient Aliens: Ultimate Evidence, episode, Beyond Nazca. The description, the host, Giorgio Tsoukalos is an Ancient Astronaut theorist. This show examines the Nazca Lines in Southern Peru’s desert region. Hundreds of extraordinary lines, some in a variety of shapes, go on for miles over the plain. Scholars are unsure who or what created the shapes, and why. Some Ancient Astronaut theorists believe the very large shapes may have an alien connection. It is possible the ancient people in the area created the large drawings in some sort of tribute to the gods. The area has been unpopulated for nearly 2000 years, however, the ancient Nazca remains. Beings have been seen with odd long skulls. Is the evidence that the ancient legends were true and aliens have been visitors of Earth all along?

That was the HISTORY channel’s description of the episode, Beyond Nazca. It does, however, sound similar to Colavito’s description of In Search of Aliens, even with the same host. It is, of coarse possible that the two episodes are merely similar.

NASA: Ancient Aliens: Ultimate Evidence is aired on the HISTORY channel at 9 p.m. CST on Friday nights. There are episodes on the HISTORY channel’s website as well.

By Jeanette Smith


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