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Although it is almost a year away, production has already started for Marvel cinema’s latest Captain America flick and curious minds are set to uncover as many spoilers as possible. Considering that Avengers: Age of Ultron was pretty much a setup for the upcoming Phase 3 Marvel films, recent news has already broke about what fans can expect in the following Captain America: Civil War flick. Thanks to entertainment website JoBlo’s snooping, recent set pics, plot details, and further speculations about the supporting roster of characters have raised expectations for next summer’s, much-anticipated blockbuster.

Captain AmericaFrom what fans of the cinematic universe already unveiled in the second installment of the Avengers’ film, moviegoers know that the fictional nation of Wakanda will be further explored and recent set pictures display a lay-out of what a small village will look like. In the comics and movie series, Wakanda is the home of the indestructible metal Virbanium that comprises The Vision and Captain America’s shield. For those that may not remember, a large quantity of the Wakanda exclusive metal was stolen by Ulysses Klaue (better known as the villain Klaw in the Black Panther comic book). Considering that such a large theft of the exclusive metal took place and was later used by Ultron to create a new body and an asteroid, it is only natural that Black Panther (T’Challa) will come out of hiding to seek retribution for the exploitation of his country’s natural resource.

According to JoBlo, Black Panther’s suit and claws with be composed of entirely Vibranium. The Panther will come in direct contact with Captain America. Since the original Black Panther was first introduced in the comics as a villain in 1966, there is no telling how writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely will interpret the iconic superhero and which side he will choose-Stark or Rogers. Whether it will be a friendly interaction or lead to an altercation is yet to be determined.

News has already spoiled the surprise that Captain America will adorn his infamous chainmail armor. Since the armor is more reinforced than his usual costume, one can conclude that he is gearing up for Black Panther’s sharp equipment. From the reports, it seems that Panther will choose Stark’s side, at first, as an equal competitor against the Vibranium shield Captain America yields. Black Panther will also be traveling in a Stark-like Panther jet.

Some of the returning characters will also be equipped with better technology to reflect more of their comic book counterparts and prepare them for war. The winged hero Falcon will also be getting an upgraded look. Changing from the militaristic silver wings that he dawned in Captain America: Winter Solder, the character’s wings will now be red and he will be accompanied by a drone-like hawk. Unlike his comic book counterpart who was telepathically linked with birds, the movie version will be linked to the drone by technology. Don Cheadle’s War Machine will also be getting an upgraded suit of armor to reflect more of a ‘tank-like’ appearance.

Although some characters are getting a new-and-improved look, other modifications of returning heroes will not be as drastic. Hawkeye will return with a similar look to his comic book character. Dressed in more purple with a covered sleeve, it seems like his modifications are more just cosmetic than functional in battle.

The latest hero to make it to the big-screen, Ant-Man, will also join in the fight. According to the JoBlo spoilers, Ant-Man is set to make an appearance in Captain America: Civil War with an improved, modern costume. Fans can also rejoice to discover that Ant-Man will be on Captain America’s side, and will get a chance to see the superhero not only shrink but grow to his giant size.

As time progresses and Captain America: Civil War draws closer to its May 6, 2016 release date, more information is surely to leak. Hopefully Marvel promoters will learn from the reviews of the Avengers: Age of Ultron that less is more and to keep the TV spots and promos to a minimum; allow the audience to be surprised, and not spoil too much for moviegoers.

By Tyler Cole

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