‘Devious Maids’ Season 3 Starts Off With a Bang

Devious Maids

Devious Maids is a show on Lifetime with a cast made up of Hispanic women playing housemaids, who must work for wealthy and demanding employers, while trying to figure out their lives in the midst of chaos and murder. The shows highest rating was in the first season, and would slowly dip in the second, but the show has still made it to a third, and would start off its season premiere with a bang.

The season begins with Rosie nearly dying on her wedding day from being shot by a madman and upon waking up in a hospital learns that she had been in a coma for four months. The group of women seem embroiled in their own individual stories, but the show continues to heat up with some romance and lying men such as Sebastian who would deceive Carmen into thinking he is rich. Carmen’s affair with a married man makes her doubt their relationship, because she does not know whether his love is true. The death of Pablo has some wondering what Zoila’s fate will be, because he is the father of her baby, and for creators to do something as serious as killing off a lover, must mean there is much in store for the season and viewers can expect to see more interesting twists.

Some say that Devious Maids  seems similar to Marc Cherry’s other creation Desperate Housewives because of the over the top plot scenarios. The woman in Cherry’s latest show may not seem as messed up as the people they work for, but it is hard to distinguish each woman’s identity when their lives seem so tied to their job description, even though they appear to be stepping out of their housemaid titles. They must deal with unfriendly bosses who live  in up scale neighborhoods, and are wealthy, a way of life their characters aspire to have.

While the series appears promising with its drama filled story lines, those critical of the show’s premise and choice to have Latin woman play the role of housemaids, say that it might perpetuate stereotypes because it centers around the woman working for mean bosses and employers who constantly throw their wealth in their face. As the show continues it may be interesting to see how the characters develop, and whether or not they have more depth rather than the focus being on the fact that they are housemaids. In comparison to Telenovela’s which are known for being campy and over the top,  a show like Devious Maids in trying to gain crossover appeal and attract viewers will have to do more to gain viewership and better ratings, because other shows like The Bachelorette continue to overtake the competition, bringing in 5.1 million viewers. The ratings from last season, though this might change when the show begins to gain more fans,were low but as Season 3 started off with a bang, the ratings may come back. Telenovela’s are popular among Latin audiences, as evidenced by the success of shows like Ugly Betty.

Devious Maids being a mix of telenovela and a soap opera has garnered some success, as evidenced by its renewal for a third season. The story lines for the shows third season become more twisted and their lives get complicated by drama and mayhem. As critical as viewers have been about a show like Devious Maids it has lasted for two seasons and will begin a third. Critics say that in anticipating for this new season that the show will pick up from where it left off. A new maid has entered the picture, played by Naya Rivera, who would discover a dark secret about the people she works for that could potentially change her life. Zoila must deal with the news of her pregnancy in private, while Marisol, a famed author, is still reeling from the success of her book, and will start to feel pressure from her new friends to detach herself from the housemaids.

Devious Maids seems to be starting off with a bang with so many interesting story lines and a new characters to give it momentum, drawing viewers in to watch, as season three develops. How the story will end for these characters is something viewers will find out later. With random events occurring very suddenly, the show will make viewers curious about what will happen next, because of the suspense.

Opinion by Tabitha Jenkins


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