Vanessa Hudgens Is One Starlet Not Disillusioned by Fame


A celebrity like Vanessa Hudgens is one who has not let allowed something as short lasting as fame ruin her like so many child stars that have faded away and fallen under the pressures of Hollywood. Many of these young stars lose their innocence and end up being forgotten. For someone as young as the actress trying to forge their own path in Hollywood is difficult because so many of her fans recognize her for the role she played in High School Musical starring opposite Zach Efron. Many remember their on-screen chemistry together as something that may have been the reason for the movie’s success. High School Musical movie would propel the actress to new heights, and allow her to break out. The two of them who were once romantically linked seemed like an innocent pairing, given that both of them would experience fame at the same time and would be pegged as being a part of teeny-bop clique.

They both seem to be breaking out of this mold by playing parts that are not conventional, Efron starring opposite Nicole Kidman in the provocative movie the Paperboy, showed audiences that he has long since strayed away from his High School Musical Days and is now taking on more serious roles, While this leading lady has also taken on more diverse roles.  Her performance in Gimme Shelter is proof that child stars can crossover and plays roles that are different. The actress also gives a telling performance in the movie Spring breakers playing the part of a strung out party girl, alongside actresses like Selena Gomez whose image as a Disney star is also one she has to shed.

In Hollywood, stars  feel pressure to be a certain way though they may rebel and decide not to limit themselves to only being what fans expect them to be. In breaking away from her teeny-bop image, the actress has taken a safe approach by playing roles that will make her fans form a new opinion about her, that she is not just the girl next door.

For a young girl in Hollywood, there is plenty of temptation to fall into the wrong crowd though they must not give into it. Fame has not made Hudgens lose touch with who she is. She has come a long way since her High School Musical days and has started to branch out, starring in the Broadway play Gigi playing a Parisian courtesan. The star confesses that she always wanted to play a prostitute since she was young. This role seems to be a departure from her other ones, because of the type of character she is playing, something not many of her fans would expect.

To those who know the actress, she may seem like the girl next door but despite her former teeny-bop days, she has pushed the boundaries by starring in roles that are not typical of someone who is a Disney star. How will Hudgens fans receive her new image? Many of them who grew to love her when she played the love interest to Efron’s character in High School Musical may only see her as that character.

The word starlet is something the actress seems to embody because she is glamor girl with a cool fashion sense and is someone the media talks about. She made her way through Hollywood without compromising who she is. In an industry that is filled with many up and coming young stars the actress seems to hold her own ground, using her talent to play roles that are interesting and different. Hudgens has not let fame or being a celebrity distract or cause her to lose sight of who she is. She remains grounded and unaffected by Hollywood. Becoming famous is something that most aspire to, although there are some like Hudgens who were able to earn it by simply being themselves and not trying to copy someone else. Hudgens is one starlet who has not been disillusioned by fame.  She will continue to have her fans support and be respected.

Opinion By Tabitha Jenkins


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Photo Courtesy of Eva Rinaldi Flickr Page – Creative Commons

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  2. gcastrato   June 3, 2015 at 10:47 pm

    Vanessa became famous at age eighteen. She was never a child star, so you can’t make that comparison.

    • gcastrato   June 3, 2015 at 10:57 pm

      Sorry, got my dates mixed up. Famous by seventeen, but still a world of a difference, and girls generally mature faster than boys.


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