Apple Watch Bound to Boosts Apple Inc. Sells

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Apple Inc. is said to release the Apple Watch in its retail stores soon. The watch has only been available for online purchases, and Apple retail stores have been waiting for the in-store release to launch. The Apple Watch has boosted Apple Inc’s. online sells since it was released in April, and it is bound to do the same for in-store sales when it hits the shelves. Although, it is exciting for customers to soon be able to test out the watch before making a purchase, there is a slight downfall to the watch being sold in-store. Customers will not be able to get the watch they desire by walking into the store.

According to a video released internally by Apple, which sources were able to obtain, Apple’s Vice President Jim Bean stated, ” It is going to be tougher for everyone to get the exact Apple Watch they want, when purchasing in-store, due to a limited stock supply, customers will have to use Apple’s online reserve and pickup system.” Customers will also have the opportunity to check the Apple online store to see which local store carries the model they want daily, at 8 a.m. If the watch is available, they can reserve the watch and set a time for pickup. However, the feature is currently allowed in stores located in the following countries and markets where the Apple Watch is available: Australia, China, France, Canada, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, U.S., and U.K.

Soon after the watch launches in the retail stores, Apple might expand the watch to other countries. Apple Watch is bound to boosts Apple Inc. sells once they are launched.

Although customers will not be able to get the watch they desire by walking into the store, having the Apple Watch in the stores is still beneficial for most customers because they are now able to try on and use the demo. There will also be Apple Watches synced to iPhones, so customers can get the full effect. Before the announcement of the launch, customers were able to demo the watch through models attached to a display. The difference between the attachment model and try-on is that the model try-on units are run on a demo loop which is non-interactive.Apple Inc

Other factors that will push Apple Watch sells, for Apple Inc. are word of mouth, owners of the watch are likely to share their new device amongst friends and family members, and the second factor is Apple Inc’s continuous expansion into corporate fields. Big names have been involved in the development of the Apple Watch apps, such as IBM, Oracle, and SAP. The collaborations, enables more employees to purchase the watch, and the companies will also track their sells along with managing their meetings. Lastly, Apple Watch is a successful product for Apple Inc. due to it being the first product being released since the passing of Steve Jobs, and it being the first new product released in five years.

On the flip side, the Apple Watch has been a controversial topic amongst many users, due to the apps loading too slowly. Apple developers have told sources they are currently fixing the issue with various tools to give to developers when they are creating the apps. The solution to the problem will be at the World Wide Developers Conference on June 8, in San Francisco, California.

Since the idea of the Apple Watch was created to make its users life easier by relying less on their phone, it has been doing the opposite of that due to the apps loading slowly. With a solution to the only problem that could slow the sells down, Apple Inc. is bound to boost the continuous launching of the Apple Watch.

Opinion By Krystle Mitchell

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