Extreme Weight Loss: Josh and Kelli [Recap & Review]

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Extreme Weight Loss

The two people Extreme Weight Loss (ABC) focused on tonight were Josh, a gay firefighter whose father died while rushing to an emergency call though Josh tried to save his life; and Kelli, a former basketball player who began putting on extra weight when she no longer had basketball in her life. They are very different individuals united by their one desire to loss weight so that they can each qualify as successful candidates for skin reduction surgery at the end of their year-long weight loss journeys.

Along the way on Extreme Weight Loss, Josh and Kelli will be helped achieve their weight loss goal by transformational coaches and trainers, Chris and Heidi Powell. At Josh’s initial weigh-in, he weighed 391 pounds, while Kelli weighed in at 331 pounds. Chris and Heidi assisted Josh and Kelli in their transformations both physically and psychologically during the year.

The Extreme Weight Loss episode about Josh and Kelli began with both of them being introduced to the viewers of America. Kelli was a former pro basketball player but when she tore her ACL her last year of high school, she began overeating.

Josh’s father got involved in a crash while he was on his way on an emergency call, and he died in Josh’s arms, Josh realized that nothing he did could save his father’s life, but he still experienced PTSD from the terrible tragedy. On the year anniversary of his dad’s death, Josh wrote to Chris Powell asking for his help in achieving his goal to lose weight.

Chris surprised Josh on Extreme Weight Loss by having him and other firefighters respond to what they thought was a car accident, but there was nobody inside of the car. Instead, Chris walked towards Josh and told him “The only emergency here is your health.”

Josh initially weighed in at 399 pounds. Chris gave him the weight loss goal to lose 100 pounds or more and weigh in at just 299 at his 90-Day Weigh-In.

Kelli’s story followed a commercial break on Extreme Weight Loss on ABC.  She said that she misses playing basketball, and talking about herself and how she has put on extra weight, she stated “This is not an athlete’s body.”

Kelli made it into and through college, but she was never the same. She turned to food to try to compensate for what she felt was now missing from her life, playing basketball.

Chris asked her to go out and find 10 people and convince them to come to a local park where he would meet her. Chris wanted her to become more social. she succeeded, and brought all ten with her. They told her that she deserved the chance to get chosen by the Powells.

Chris said “Kelli just had to put herself out there.”

Kelli weighed 331 pounds at her initial weigh-in. Chris told the camera “In just a few years, Kelli has put on over 100 pounds.”

On Extreme Weight Loss, Chris and Heidi Powell had Josh and Kelli flown to Colorado, where they would spend the first 90 days of the year at the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, where they would learn about proper nutrition, diet and exercise.

Once in Colorado, Chris challenged both Kelli and Josh like they had never been challenged before. He had Josh carry around, outside, a barbell on his shoulders. Josh wanted to quit a few times, but Chris told him that “You should be begging for that barbell! Here we go, Josh; that’s it!”

Josh managed to carry the barbell and accomplish his Fight or Flight Challenge on Extreme Weight Loss. However, Chris wondered if Josh was going to make it to the end of the year, and if he was really ready to lose his extra weight.

Josh finally told Chris “I need to be honest with you. I have pretty bad PTSD, from my dad.” He told Chris he has been having very bad panic attacks for some reason, especially in Colorado.

Chris told the camera that “It all makes sense now.”

Heidi said to the cameras that Josh will met with “a qualified professional while at Boot Camp to help him deal with his loss and anxiety attacks.

After getting Josh the professional help that he needed, he had a renewed desire to loss weight. “Dude, now it’s like you’re blowing everything out of the water!” Chris said that now, Josh had stopped talking about wanting to go home.

On Extreme Weight Loss, Chris was very pleased with Kelli’s loss of weight, as she was losing about a pound a day, while also putting on lean muscle. Her doctor there said that she was very pleased at the results so far. “Honestly, looking at these numbers,” Chris told Kelli, “I don’t see why you can’t be done in six months.’

The following day, the doctor told Chris and Josh that he was down to just 27 percent body weight. “Is this really happening?” Chris asked he cameras. “Will I really have two people who will be done losing their extra weight in just six months?”

After a commercial break on Extreme Weight Loss on ABC, Chris noticed a change in Kelli. He told her that she “looked sad.”

Kelli replied that she started to realized that her dreams are possible, and that opened up new fears. She was also feeling lonely. on Extreme Weight Loss, Chris told the cameras “Kelli will have to put herself out there socially, and I think that really scares her.”

At the next weigh-in, the 90-Day Weigh-in, Kelli lost 88 pounds. she was now down to 243 pounds. “You can be happy. You’re in charge of your own destiny,” Kelli said. The next day, Chris sent her home. At the end of the next three months, I want you to be at your goal weight.” Chris told her “I have a challenge for you if you meet the goal.”

He showed her a video of a Miami Heat Basketball player on his smartphone, and said that she would get a chance to meet the Miami Heat team if she meets her Six Month Weight Loss Goal of being at the weight she needs to be fat for essentially the entire year so that she can have the skin removal surgery.

Coming home from Colorado on Extreme Weight Loss, Kelli was greeted by a lot of community members and new-found friends. She said to them “I want to be the first woman to get to my weight-loss goal in six months.”

Kelli said to the camera “That’s been the story of my life, not taking any risks, just being safe.” She liked to go out on dates, but she was not sure if she was ready. Also, she was concerned that she was not losing weight like she had been doing.

At Josh’s 90-Day Weigh-In, Chris had set him the goal of weighing 299 pounds. Extreme Weight Loss headed to a commercial break before his weight was revealed.

Back from the break, Josh stepped up onto the scales. He lost 112 pounds in 90 days, meeting and surpassing his first weight loss goal. Chris told him “Great job!”

Chris imagined that Phase II would be “much harder.” He was still committed to reaching his Phase II Goal. “I want you to meet your weight loss goal and come in at 255 pounds at the six months weigh-In,” Chris told Josh. Chris said that he will have a “challenge” for Josh.

As with Kelli, a lot of people came out in support of Josh. His mom said he “looked so happy and healthy and full of life.”

“For the first time in front of an audience or a crowd, I felt good about myself,” Josh told the camera. However, when he got to his home, he saw a lot of junk food in the refrigerator. He said “I can’t have this in the house in order to be successful.”

Meanwhile, in Miami on Extreme Weight Loss, Kelli met Chris center court where the Miami Heat play. Chris said “Kelli looked incredible!”

Chris asked her to tell him about Phase II. She said she had tried dating, like Online Dating, but she did not really care for it too much.

“I gave you the goal to lose 33 pounds or more over the last three months,” Chris said to Kelli. She stepped up onto the scales. Extreme Weight Loss headed to more commercials before her weight was shown.

“If the scale says 210 pounds or less, you will have met your goal, not just for the six months, but for the year,” Chris said. She weighed in at exactly 210 pounds, with 18 percent body fat.

“Kelly is an athlete again!” Chris told the Extreme Weight Loss camera. “Talk about the transforming both physically and mentally!”

When the day arrived for Kelli to meet the Miami Heat, Chris called Kelli out for blushing, as she has always been attracted to Miami Heat team member, Chris Anderson, who she got to meet. “Chris Powell is as embarrassing as he is compassionate, and we all know he is very compassionate,” Kelli said.

Besides Chris Anderson, Kelli also got to meet  Chris Bosch. That night, the Miami Heat, Chris Powell said, would roll out the Red Carpet for her. She got to see the team practice, and she said “the adrenaline rush was insane.”

In Arizona on Extreme Weight Loss, Josh had a challenge that Chris had ready for him, the annual World Firefighter Combat Challenge.  Chris asked Josh how much he had lost, and Josh said “Just eight pounds.”

On Extreme Weight Loss, Chris had a firefighter, Joel, help prepare Josh for his firefighting goal of doing the challenge in under three minutes. When the World Firefighter Combat Challenge day arrived, it was time for Josh to “show he’s a contender today,” as Joel put it.

Joel and Chris yelled words of encouragement to Josh, who was performing all of the requirements “picture perfect,” Chris said. that is, until he came to the dummy, which weighed over 170 pounds. Josh gave it his all.

Chris yelled “You’re gonna do it!” Josh finished the World Firefighter Combat challenge in 2 minutes and 25 seconds.

At the end of six months of losing weight on Extreme Weight Loss, Kelli met with a doctor who told her she was “an excellent candidate for skin reduction surgery.”

“It’s official — Kelli is the first person I’ve ever had who has qualified for the surgery at six months.” Chris was not sure that Josh would met his goal, though.

Josh stepped up onto the scale. Extreme Weight Loss went to yet more commercials before showing how much he now weighed.

Back from the commercial break on Extreme Weight Loss, Chris said “If it says 25 pounds or less, you will have met your goal.” He weighed in at 254 pounds, four pounds shy of his six month goal.

Chris was not sure if Josh would be accepted, but when he met with the doctor, she told him “I think you’d make a very good candidate for the skin reduction surgery.” That made Josh the only male client that Chris has ever had to meet his year-long weight loss goal in six months.

Both Josh and Kelli made it, and they set a goal for themselves to weigh even less by the end of the year. Chris told a huge audience about the life stories of Kelli and Josh, and he talked about their accomplishments during the year.

“Who’s ready to see Josh first? Put your hands together to see the new Josh!” Josh walked into the auditorium looking slim and fit. Then, Chris introduced the audience to “the new Kelli.” Extreme Weight Loss went to even more commercials before the viewers of America were shown what she now looked like.

“Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the new Kelli!” Chris said. “Wow, right? Phnonmenal!” Chris said. Kelli and Josh had developed a friendship in Boot Camp. Josh had even done “some modeling,” Chris mentioned, showing one of the photos of him.

Chris asked Kelli about having dated, and said “She has a thing for Chris Anderson.” Chris showed a photo of a man who Kelli had met and was dating, and he said that he looked a lot like Chris Anderson.

Kelli stepped up onto the scale for her final weigh-in first. There was a montage looking back on her year of losing weight. Her final weight was 208 pounds. She told Chris she might “dabble” in the fitness world, maybe a little bit of bodybuilding.

Next, Josh stepped onto the scales for his final year-long weight-in. As with Kelli, a montage was shown of Chris’ year of losing weight. Before his weight was revealed, Extreme Weight Loss headed to another break.

After the break, Josh stepped up onto the scales and he weighed 247 pounds, having lost 157 pounds. Chris asked both Kelli and Chris to pass on what success they had by giving a week-long scholarship to the Colorado Boot Camp. Kelli gave hers to her father, and Josh gave his to his sister.

“You guys broke all of our records,” Chris told them both. Kelli said “It just took someone to remind us about the people we are inside.”

“This year, I finally figured out how to live, and I took my life back. One day, I will meet my Dad again, but I hope that it won’t be for a long time,” Chris said.

That marked the end of the second episode of Season 5 of Extreme Weight Loss. It was a terrific, sometimes tear-jerking episode,  one that was further proof that with the right help and enough determination, people can make drastic changes for the better in their lives. Be sure to watch the next episode, next Tuesday on ABC!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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