Jimmy Fallon and Jude Law Play ‘Pool Bowling’ [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show this second day of June was amazing, and Jimmy Fallon’s two main guests were Jude Law from the comedy flick, Spy, and actress Bryce Dallas Howard, one of the stars of Jurassic World, which is set to be one of the summer’s biggest blockbusters. Later in the show, Fallon played a game of Pool Bowling with Jude Law, on a giant-sized pool table. The show’s musical guest was Florence + The Machine.

Jimmy Fallon was back last night on the Tonight Show after having been gone for a week that was filled with repeats. The audience greeted him with a standing ovation, and after he welcomed them, he performed his nightly ¬†monologue. Fallon made jokes ¬†in his monologue about topics like Hillary Clinton, who “will kick off her presidential campaign on June 13.” He said Lindsey Graham announced his candidacy yesterday. “Donald Trump will announce if he will run on June 26. It’s like the World Cup that happens every four years, and nobody in America cares.”

Fallon also talked about the President of FIFA retiring, Bladder, saying “You can never trust a 79-year-old Bladder.” Then, he mentioned the security breaks that have been occurring involving the TSA, and changes that McDonald’s is making to improve the taste of the food, like toasting their buns for 5 seconds longer.

50 Shades of Grey author E.L. James will be releasing a version of 50 Shades of Grey from the man’s point of view.” Fallon then compared the original version with what he called the new version — it was a humorous comparison.

Jimmy Fallon announced to the audience that he has a new children’s book coming out on June 9. It is about a father wanting his daughter’s first word to be “Dadda.” Then, he said that Jude Law would be a guest tonight, and they will be playing a game of Pool Bowling. Also, Fallon said that Bryce Dallas Howard from Jurassic World will be on, and Florence + the Machine will be the musical guest.

“It’s time for Pros & Cons. Tonight, we will take a look at the Pros & the Cons of Donald Trump Running for President. Pro: He’s received thousands of letters and phone calls urging him to enter the race. Con: They were all from Hillary. Pro: He said that the key to the election would be the MidWest. Con: He also thought that Mid West would be a good name for Kim and Kanye’s baby. Pro: He would redefine the image of America. Con: The bald eagle will look like this,” Fallon said, showing a bald eagle with a toupee on.

Following a break, Jimmy Fallon introduced the Tonight Show‘s first guest, Jude Law, who is one of the stars of the comedy movie, Spy. “You were invited to a carnival in Bolivia?”

Law told him that was right, and he thought it would be a good way to spend his vacation, drink beer, and he could take his kids, also. Jude Law said that the celebration, which included the President of Bolivia, lasted on and on. He and the President of Bolivia even took part in a Conga line that went out the doors of the presidential palace. Fallon offered Law a bottle of beer, and he showed a poster from when Law was in the musical “Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat.” He was about 15 at the time, and played Joseph.

“You hang out with people who are like you. It’s a dream life,” Jude Law told Fallon. Law started to sing, making the plot of a movie he was in, Cold Mountain, into a musical.

“Man, I enjoyed Spy — it was such a good movie,” Jimmy Fallon said. He said that Law got to play a James Bond-like character, Brad Fine. Law told Fallon that it was hard to keep a straight face around Melissa McCarthy. He said she has “such a quick mind.” They both talked about Jason Statham being hilarious in the movie, also, as well as Rose Byrne.

Law told Fallon that Spy was “mostly filmed in Budapest.” They filmed it as if it was a real spy movie, and let humor arise from the situations they were in. Fallon then introduced a clip from the movie, featuring both McCarthy and Jude Law.

Jimmy Fallon challenged Law to a game of Pool Bowling. Fallon said “We’ll play right after the break.”

Jimmy Fallon

Following the break, Jimmy Fallon explained the rules of Pool Bowling. Fallon asked Law if he wanted to break, but Law told Fallon he could. After the “break,” Law managed to knock a ball in first. A couple of shots later, Fallon made a shot off of the cue ball, but he also sank the cue ball.

Fallon choked bowling a shot in, but then, so did Law. Fallon had the 14 ball in his sights, but he missed getting it in the side pocket. A couple of shots later, and Fallon scratched again. They both had a difficult time getting the winning ball in one of the pockets of the giant-sized table. Nothing wanted to fall for them.

Finally, Jimmy Fallon knocked in the winning ball. Then, the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

Coming back from the commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced Bryce Dallas Howard who is one of the stars of Jurassic World. “Spoiler Alert,” Fallon said. “I have a cameo in Jurassic World.” He asked Howard if she had seen Jurassic World yet, and she told him that she had.

“I think that the idea is great, the acting is great — my part is unbelievable…” Fallon said.

“It’s a game-changer,” Howard jokingly said.

They both talked about the plot of Jurassic World. Howard said that “Jurassic Park has re-branded itself.”

Unfortunately, things did not go all that well, when dinosaurs are “made” that have been genetically tampered with. “I just can’t wait for this movie to come out!” Fallon exclaimed. “It’s scary, it’s fun; I loved it so much!” Fallon said. He then showed a clip from the movie. It looked like a very cool clip, and Fallon said it will be in movie theaters on June 12.

Jimmy Fallon

Returning from another break, Jimmy Fallon introduced the musical guest, Florence + The Machine, who sang Ship Wreck off of their latest album, How Big How Blue How Beautiful. They were as amazing as they ever have been, and the audience applauded enthusiastically at the end of the song.

That basically wrapped up this episode of the Tonight Show, though the show came back on briefly and Jimmy Fallon thanked his guests and then went up and down the aisles, high-fiving audience members. It was a great episode, with Fallon’s first guest, Jude Law, talking about the movie he stars in, Spy. He also played a game of Pool Bowling with Fallon. Then, Fallon’s second guest, Bryce Dallas Howard, talked about the movie she is featured in, Jurassic World.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Jude Law Play ‘Pool Bowling’

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