Earthquakes Continue Off West Coast

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Though the earthquake that just recently happened along the west coast of Oregon may not be as scary as those happening in the ocean by California, it is still cause for concern. The quake which reached a 4.4 magnitude, occurred Monday morning in the Pacific Ocean. Though it did not cause any damage, as it was far enough out into the ocean, these earthquakes that keep continuing off of the West Coast, are giving tsunami scares, especially after the release of the movie San Andreas Fault.

The San Andreas Fault is in California and has given quite the scare to residents there. The fear is that the quakes occurring will cause a massive tsunami that could wipe out much of California. Though this fear is more relevant there, the fact is that earthquakes that keep occurring in the ocean, near the coast, could cause a tsunami in any state, by that coast.

When an earthquake occurs in the ocean, by the ocean floor, it disturbs the ocean’s surface which can displace water and create massive waves, or a tsunami. The larger and more shallow it is, the greater potential risk is for a tsunami occurring. Though most of the concern is over a tsunami happening in California, if the quakes keep occurring off the West Coast, no matter which state, it may be possible that more than just California will see it.

The most recent seism, which occurred on June 1, only reached a magnitude of 4.4, off of the Oregon coast, but it is not the first that has been seen in the ocean, off of the West Coast states, and it will certainly not be the last. Scientists are researching further into the quakes that keep occurring off of the West Coast, as they hope to keep such a tragic event, such as a tsunami wiping out California, from happening.

By Crystal Boulware


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