Escaped Inmates May Have Been Spotted Police Request Backup

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Escaped Inmates

NECN has just reported that Vermont State Police are headed to help in the ongoing manhunt for two escapees. The two escaped inmates may have been spotted and New York police have requested backup.

Moments before this broke, stated they were monitoring a situation unfolding in which sources claim there is heightened police activity at a camp in Franklin County. NECN says the public information officer for the Vermont State Police could not confirm any details as to how much support they are sending, or to where exactly. Nonetheless, reports claim the inmates have been spotted and the police requested backup.

David Sweat and Richard Matt escaped from prison with the help of a female guard earlier this month. The two men have been eluding authorities since June 6. In that time, there have been numerous accounts that the two may have been spotted.

Police continue to warn people to be vigilant and not to approach the two escaped inmates. They have repeatedly stated that the men should be considered armed and dangerous.

Before the reports from Franklin County, NECN says the latest sighting was in Allegeny County, near Pennsylvania. Again, the two escaped inmates may have been spotted and New York Police have requested backup.

By Megan Hellmann

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NECN-Vt. Police Head to N.Y. to Aid in Search for Escaped Killers

Photo Courtesy of Eugene Zemlyanskiy’s Flickr Page- Creative Commons License