‘Extreme Weight Loss’ Becomes Couple’s Counseling of a Different Type

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For overweight couples who are planning a wedding, Extreme Weight Loss is about to become premarital counseling of a different type. Coming to the rescue, trainers Chris and Heidi Powell are going to soon be teaming up with couples for extreme weight loss. However, in their goal to lose weight these couples will also be planning their wedding, simultaneously. Teaming up with My Fair Wedding‘s celebrity wedding planner, David Tutera, and others in a “Wedding Dream Team,” the two trainers will be working with couples leading up to their wedding day. Titled Love Can’t Weight, three couples will be featured on the newest episodes of Extreme Weight Loss, working together for three months and then separate for three. The couples will then be reunited, having not seen each other for a while, after each going through extreme weight loss, before having their dream wedding.

In the world today, eating unhealthy food and finding little time to exercise is just the norm, among people’s busy lives. This is why shows like Extreme Weight Loss are so popular. People who have an unhealthy level of obesity, often need extra help, and that is why trainers Chris and Heidi Powell work closely with those who volunteer to shed the pounds for a national audience. Often these people have their own personal reasons for losing weight, and their own personal goals that they want to achieve. For the upcoming hopefuls that will be featured on Extreme Weight Loss, the goal is simply love.

Season five’s ‘companion piece editions’, premiering on June 23, will feature three couples who are hoping to get into shape before they get married. The three couples will undergo transformations in hopes of starting a fit life together. Cain and Tiffany will be the first couple that Chris and Heidi will work with. They have been together four years and hope to lose the 150 combined pounds that they have put on together. Bryce and Amber practically live on fast food. They hope to find a healthy lifestyle before beginning their lives together as a married couple. Shane and Marissa are already engaged but have put their wedding on hold because of their weight gain. They are hoping to lose weight before their first dance as a married couple, so that they can wrap their arms around each other.

extreme weight lossAll three of these couples will work hard in the remainder of the season of Extreme Weight Loss, as the show becomes a different type of couple’s counseling for them. Though the couples have not struggled to make it to marriage, they are currently struggling with the weight they have gained together, and are seeking help in order to shed pounds before their “I Do’s.” Sources state that one couple will not make it, as someone walks away. However, with the couples spending three months together and then three months apart, before seeing each other again after their extreme weight loss, their reveals to each other are said to be jaw dropping and romantic.

Even further than that, Extreme Weight Loss is expected to have an increased number of views in the upcoming episodes as the show brings together weight loss and love, for dream weddings that will take place at the end.

In addition to having wedding planner David Tutera on their side, the couples will also have a variety of celebrity contributors to help with their dream weddings. Rocco DiSpirito, the show’s health food coach, will be catering and Food Network’s Duff Goldman, owner of Charm City Cakes, will be creating the beautiful cakes. With a dream team for their weddings, the couples (at least the two that make it) are sure to have a wonderful fairy tale ending to their weight loss triumphs. Sources state that one couple loses a combined 300 pounds before their wedding.

Couples counseling has taken on a new meaning in the upcoming Extreme Weight Loss, in which trainers Chris and Heidi will be focusing on a different type of client; counseling clients who are in love and becoming fit for their significant other. With the remainder of season five premiering on June 23, viewers are sure to get a warm and fuzzy feeling during these episodes, as they can, for the first time, see couples go through extreme weight loss, reunite with one another after changing, and get married for a new life together.

Opinion by Crystal Boulware


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