Father’s Day Turning Dads Into Heroes

Father's Day

Father’s Day is a special time of the year that is celebrated by many fathers and families everywhere. Though some fathers may not always be present in their children’s lives, they still influence them in many ways. A good father is the kind of man who their child wants to be. Giving fathers a special day meant to celebrate them for what they do shows how dads have become today’s heroes.

Caroline Kennedy is one example of a person whose father had an impact on the world and is considered by many to be a hero. She remembers when her father was asked a question about supporting a son who wanted to go into politics, and he answered by saying that he thinks woman should be included, too. Father’s Day has great meaning to people because it celebrates the important men who have changed the world. Before Father’s Day was fully recognized, there were those who felt that it was a commercial gimmick, but this would slowly change, and in 1972, Father’s Day would finally be declared a holiday.

Despite the negativity in the world, Father’s Day is one time that everybody can enjoy, even though times have changed and the father role has been redefined by television; giving it new meaning. Some commercials show a busy father in a business suit, sitting in the middle of an airport talking to their child from far away and through a computer screen, showing that technology and the modern age have changed how families communicate. The question is whether dads feel that Father’s Day is really special, or is it just something they are reminded of by TV and the media.

Father’s Day is a tradition, and something that should be kept around, because it commemorates fathers as strong people who protect their family, even though dads are human, too, and make mistakes – something that shows like Mad Men have highlighted. The relationship Don Draper has with his daughter seems conflicted because Don’s character has many flaws. His womanizing ways stand in the way between him and his daughter because he fears that she will see the real him, which is one of the reasons he is unable to draw close to her. Of course, a father like Don Draper is not recognized as a “typical” father because of his coldness and serious persona.

Many dads who have famous children may not be like the “average” father because, in some cases, their relationship with their famous child may be strained. Often famous people are the product of a broken home. Stories like Kate Gosselin’s show how families can fall apart. In Gosselin’s case, she became famous for having several children and her story seems similar to what many people have gone through, except that it happened on television and was displayed in front of millions of people.

Jon and Kate was a reality show that followed the life of both Jon and Kate Gosselin as parents raising several children. During the show, the Gosselins divorced, which Kate Gosselin said made life after her relationship with Jon Gosselin hard. Being single with several children, who have no relationship with the father has some wondering how their children’s lives will be affected.

There are also shows like Dance Moms, and although it focuses on mothers only, it is about parents and their relationships with their children, and how show biz moms are different than regular moms. Parents play a pivotal part in a child’s life. Studies say that a father who has a relationship with their child will do better in school. Father’s Day unites loved ones and is a special day because sons and daughters learn to appreciate their parents. Those who have been raised by a loving father understand the importance of spending time with their dad. Long ago, fathers were seen as dominate male figures who ran the household. Television shows like Modern Family seem to reflect how times have changed, and now, a child can have two dads and two mothers.

In keeping up with the tradition of Father’s Day, when looking at the way television and media has begun to show fathers as real people, it seems that fathers are the real heroes. Father’s Day is one holiday which everyone can celebrate and is one tradition that should stay. While some may not see Father’s Day as special, the fact that many important men who were also fathers are still remembered shows how the day is significant and has meaning.

Opinion by Tabitha Jenkins

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Photo Courtesy of Seth Lemon’s Flicker Page – Creative Commons License