Marijuana Can Help Grow Neurons and Make a Person Smarter



According to a new study, chemicals in marijuana can repair and stimulate the growth of brain cells and possibly make a person smarter. This revolutionary research can possibly pave the way for a more pot friendly public. This study was published in the latest issue of the journal Neurochemistry International.

Contrary to the public’s belief, a person’s brain, in fact, does not stop growing after reaching adulthood. This is due to the process of neuroplasticity. This organic engineering process is the way in which people take in and remember information. Even more specific than that is the process of neurogenesis.

Neurogenesis is the process that is enacted by the brain to generate neurons from stem cells within itself to create a better nerro-connection within someone’s brain. This process is most prevalent during the growth of fetus.

The study revealed that a chemical substance in marijuana, cannabichromene (CBC), has the ability to spark the creation of neurons. Neural stem cells in the brain are now proven to develop into neuron connections when combined with CBC in marijuana. Moreover, the chemical was reported to ramp up the practicality of developing adult neural stem progenitor cells (NSPC) into more and better connection within the brain.

marijuanaUnlike the developing brain of a pre-natal human, neurogenesis happens in one select part of brain that is most essential for learning and memory: the hippocampus. This area of the brain is also responsible for regulating the limbic system, which controls emotion. Though, the hippocampus is mainly utilized for long-term memory and also spatial navigation, which allows a person to gauge distance and differentiate between peripheral objects. Previous studies on neurons have shown that the brain is able to create nearly 5,000 new cells every day, but this number goes down as a person grows older.

The research team that conducted the study stated the stem cells that are used in the neurogenesis process are one of the most important components of the brain. Diseases like Alzheimer’s and mental illnesses like depression and bipolar disorder are most likely the result of a declining neurogenesis process.

Another study done on neuron re-growth with marijuana, published in the latest issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, suggested that CBC and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) act as an anti-oxidant cleansing for brain. The THC coats the neurons in a sort of healing blanket. This allows for the disposal of damaged cells, improving the efficiency of the brain, and making room for more neurons to be developed. The research team also found that one of the most important factors is that both chemicals in marijuana make the mitochondria in brain cells work at a faster pace, making them more energy efficient, leading to a better functioning, smarter person.

Dr. Xia Jiana conducted a similar study on the correlation between amounts of CBC and THC in the brain and neurogenesis. Jiana found that most abusive drugs like cocaine, heroin, psychedelics, and amphetamines suppress neurogenesis. However, marijuana seems to promote it.

Even though this study was done on stem cells from rodents, the researchers believe that further studies on marijuana preparation will unearth more indications that marijuana has potential benefits that can rejuvenate the growth of neurons and make people smarter. Future studies on the qualities of marijuana that make make people smarter could allow for less strict laws on the possession and use of the drug.

By Alex Lemieux

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  1. Yes the government is running us and keeping us all hopped up on pharmaceutical it’s not that hard to see! Open your mind and realize that the little green plant(cannabis) is a miracle plant and it has historically values that are no lies get your cannabis history books out and research and educate yourself before posting stupid uneducated articles. There are so many ways to bring cannabis into your life and it doesn’t have to be smoked!! Also William Hurst, DuPont, Henry Alslinger, and big pharmaceutical companies that put up all the lies and corruptness’ that gave cannabis a bad rap! History doesn’t lie! Cannabis grows new neurons in the brain thus making you smarter.

  2. Articles put out to the public that are false makes me furious….. most likely all for the increase in sales. So interesting to watch the generations change with their liking. …..sad!!!

  3. #6630507 is the government held patent on the neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory capacity of cannabis. Is neurogenesis that much of a stretch? Does this prove the government has been dumbing us down, intentionally?

  4. Please don’t say that smoking pot makes you smarter, it’s the cannabinoids found in cannabis resins or essential oils that produce these medicinal benefits. There are well over a hundred detrimental chemicals in smoke that can cause more damage to the brain than the cannabinoids in cannabis can repair. Also, the word marijuana is a racist slang term created decades ago by robber baron William Randolf Hearst to villianize all the thousands of uses of the cannabis hemp plant. Please stop using this racist slang term when you are talking about the medicinal properties of the herbal cannabinoids in cannabis. It’s not honest.

    1. Way to go ! I think the dude that did the study has been smoking to much dope , he’s destroyed his brain cells and is getting dumber , remember the days doctors said cigarettes were good for us ?! Nothing’s changed

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