Caitlyn Jenner: Get to Know the Newest Member of the Clan

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Every woman secretly dreams to be the belle of the ball, so to speak, but for the newest Jenner, a dream truly is a wish one’s heart makes. Vanity Fair released their newest cover with the newest (in essence) celebrity face, Caitlyn Jenner.

As for who this new member of the clan everyone loves to hate is, they are already extremely well-known. Born Bruce Jenner in 1949, he is a world-renowned Olympic gold medalist and also stepfather to one of the most talked about celebrities of the millennium, Kim Kardashian. After six decades of having to hide her true identity for fear of being rejected by society and her family, she has finally emerged as her new self. In an interview conducted with Diane Sawyer earlier this year, Jenner made mention that would be the last interview he would do as Bruce; referring to himself as a “she” during the interview. Vanity Fair’s decision to have Jenner grace the cover of their July issue is one that has garnered mixed feelings and reviews from fans, especially within the LGBTQ community.

While the transgendered community is one that has only recently (within the last few years) received mass media attention, some are saying that reality television star has done nothing but sensationalize an issue that for many is much more complex and intricate. With a reality show on E! slated to premiere later this year, many are accusing the Olympic winner for using this platform simply as a way to make more money and be a relevant star as a woman, completely shedding the persona of her former self.


Some are even asking the question, “As a transgender who isn’t attracted to men, does this make her a lesbian?” referring to her Sawyer interview in which, as Bruce, she stated that she has always been attracted to women. However; since completing the transition, even the 65-year-old is unsure if this indeed qualifies her as a lesbian, or if she will now be attracted to men post-transition.


Transgendered is a term used to classify those who feel like the gender they were born as does not quite fit the gender they feel they are both mentally and emotionally. It is a state of being rather than a state of genitalia.

Blogger, YouTuber, and celebrity correspondent B. Scott came out within the last few years as being transgendered, receiving much support from his followers. The news, as well as the massive support, comes after a controversial wardrobe change demand made by BET network executives and sponsors during an award show Scott was scheduled to conduct red carpet interviews on.

Whereas Scott has not had any surgeries done (facial or otherwise) she went on record to say that aside from her androgynous appearance, she felt that in her heart she was meant to be a woman. Thus, she began on her own journey.

Despite hormones, breasts, and a new name; everything Jenner has done thus far is reversible, according to a plastic surgeon who was quoted in Page Six. She has yet to have genital modification surgery, and has been advised to wait at least a year before making the decision. “Since Ms. Jenner has been on hormones for a while, the male genitalia would have shrunken. So a transgender will ‘tuck’ the penis in, allowing for a [lingerie] photo like Annie Leibovitz’s [for Vanity Fair].”

The number one question on most fans minds is the obvious matter of the TV star choosing to not spell her new name with a K, adding to that of the rest of the female section of the family. To this question, Jenner responded that she wanted to break away from the brand that the infamous K carries. She wanted something that defined her all on her own.

Whether one questions the sincerity of Jenner’s motives to make this transition so public or simply applaud her for having the fortitude to do so, the reality of it all is that she still has a heavy road ahead. With six children, three ex wives, and four stepchildren, life as Jenner knows it is still going to be a transition of sorts. Living out her days as a woman is sure to have its challenges. In any case, for those who question her motives, Jenner has this to say, “I’m not doing this to be interesting. I’m doing this to live”.

By Danyol Jaye


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