FIFA Ex Official Jack Warner Says He Was Not Alone in Bribery Scandal


Jack Warner, a now former ex-FIFA official, was recently indicted in a huge bribery scandal. He told authorities he could guarantee evidence that points to the governing body of the World Soccer board, and its president Sepp Blatter. He was quoted as saying that not even his death could stop the evidence from coming out. FIFA ex-official Jack Warner says he was not the only one involved in taking bribes.

Even though he says he fears for his life, he says it is time to stop keeping secrets. Warner continues to maintain he was not alone in the bribery scandal. He paid for a political ad on a TV station he owned called about how the gloves were coming off. He said he has inclusive evidence of FIFA’s transactions of documented statements and checks. He said he is at the point of no return, and that it has been placed in well-respected hands. Warner is a native of Trinidad, and his TV ad was aired on Wednesday (June 5). In the ad, he explained that his country struggled so long to win a good reputation and that he could not let certain people destroy everything the country has worked so hard for. Warner said, at this point, that he is fearful for his life. Warner’s false news report came out with suggestions that FIFA very quickly declared that the 2015 World Cup would be held in the United States. It was a humorous submission that a secondary tournament was fashioned to satisfy the U.S.

FIFAWarner continues on his broadcast by asking why the U.S. wants to keep the cup, if FIFA is so troubled. He held up what appeared to be the report; Warner appears to be attempting to dig himself out of a hole by lying about documentation, and trying to place the blame on the U.S. He goes on to say that America is trying to humiliate FIFA of Zürich. He accused the U.S. of plotting the whole thing because they have not been approved to host the World Cup. This is quite a change from when he first said that it was time to tell the truth, to turn around and say the scandal was made up to get back at FIFA.

Warner has yet to introduce any such evidence and government has demonstrated unpredictable behavior in recent days, such as a false news report. In an attempt to boost his own defense, and to defend the charges against him, he made references to an article from The Onion, which he joked about following the incident and then removed the article from reference. He did score some brownie points in a public relations campaign; Warner was arrested earlier this week, and released on bail Thursday (June 4). The United States was leading the investigation into exploitation in world football, which Americans call soccer. A little while after his political ad was revealed, he once again promised to hand over documentation implementing other FIFA members involvement. Warner has been with FIFA for about 30 years, and has agreed to turn over financial papers that include Sepp. He said he worked very close to him, and in 2011 he told him it was time he stepped down. Warner still maintains to authorities that he was not the only one in the FIFA scandal.

Warner implemented Chuck Blazer, an ex member of the soccer associations governing body, as an individual involved in the scandal after a report came out in which Blazer admitted to accepting bribes. Blazer was a primary member in the investigation. Federal prosecutors released over 35 pages of documents, informing them that there were other members of FIFA’s committee involved in taking bribes from 2004-2011, which led to South Africa winning the World Cup in 2010. However; the bribe that Blazer was involved in was paid by Moroccan representatives, which they were not awarded the World Cup finals, it went to France. Meanwhile, the head of the World Cup committee in France denies any involvement in the scandal.

Warner maintains his statement that he was not alone in the FIFA corruption scandal. The U.S. put in to extradite him to American soil. The people should be wondering if Warner actually has the information he promised to hand over.

Opinion by Katherine Miller-Chichester


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