Public Shaming: A Parent’s Hate Makes 13-Year-Old Girl Commit Suicide

public shaming

Public shaming is a trend that has becoming alarmingly popular among the parents of millennials. As a result of the most recent video of public shaming to catch the nation by surprise, a 13-year-old girl turned to suicide to escape the broodish reality of the foul life in her own home. Last Friday, Isabel Laxamana took her own life by jumping from a highway overpass in Tacoma, Washington. This happened just after her father posted an embarrassing and shocking public shaming video on YouTube. This tragedy has sparked widespread outrage on social media, calling for morally rightful legal punishment for the father.

Although the originally video posted by the father was deleted from YouTube, one of Laxamana’s close friends, who captured the video on his phone, re-uploaded the saddening video for the public to see. The video strikes at the hearts of many, and will hopefully discourage parents from creating public shaming videos and encourage teens to speak out against the despicable act.

The video shows a remorseful Laxamana standing in front of a pile of hair that was hacked off her head, presumably by her own father. The uneasy, trembling 13-year-old is then forced to listen to her father’s demanding, abrasive regards about her “wrongdoings.”

“The consequences of getting messed up, man, you lost all that beautiful hair,” Laxamana’s father said to her as she stares at her formerly beautiful hair with tearful eyes. The video shows her humiliated by her father’s want to show the consequences of having a terrible parent and the embarrassment of public shaming.

The father then asks, “Was it worth it?” “No,” she replied in a hollow voice.

“How many times did I warn you?” he asked. “A lot.” she replied, shaking in fear.

Just a few days later, Laxamana, barely a teenager, decided to take her own life, rather than suffer through the emotionally horrific abuse by her own father. Although the girl jumped from a tall overpass, she did not die immediately. The poor teenager suffered for hours before succumbing to her injuries at the hospital, ending the nightmare she experienced for years.

The sorrowful story struck the hearts of many, igniting a fire of rage in those who witnessed the video online. Now, public shaming is in the spotlight, and will hopefully be condemned by all.

This seemingly gruesome form of public shaming is just another form of social media child abuse, nothing else. It is apparent that the father was so unfamiliar with his daughter and her experiences with bullying that he as a parent that should not have the right to care for another human life. Parents like this have issues with having control over their own lives; therefore, their frustration with their personal crises are taken out on their children. This caused a fractured father-daughter relationship, insofar as she is nearly unknown to him. He was blinded from the reality that his daughter was suffering from severe emotional pain due to the unwarranted bullying and aggression she received every day from her peers

public shamingAs one would assume, a father should be there for his child. However, this is not the case with some parents, people who should not have the right of that title. He should have had the job of being the safety net into which she could fall and remain safe, loved, and cared for, but this was obviously not the case. Instead of being her emotional anchor, he was her serial abuser.

This was not the first time Laxamana tolerated such deplorable behavior from her father. Apparently, it has happened many times before. A parent of one of Laxamana’s best friends said her father has also ripped up her undergarments and destroyed her closet full of clothing. Furthermore, others who knew her said the father abused her on a consistent basis, creating a vast emotional chasm, into which she could jump, ending the heartache of a life of abuse.

Bullying in schools is now recognized as a nearly daily occurrence; however, public shaming is another form of bullying that has not been noticed as much. Public shaming is a trend that needs to be stopped – it is possible that Laxamana’s suicide will not be vain. This incident could provoke the public to be more outspoken about the heinous actions of those who think a public disgrace is the best form of parenting so that a suicide crisis does not ensue. Even though most parents are meaningful caretakers, it is apparent that some wish to publicly shame and emotional kill their children.


Opinion by Alex Lemieux


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