Gmail Users Can Now ‘Undo Send’ Emails


Gmail users will likely be delighted as they can now “Undo Send” with regards to their emails. Email blunders can happen to anyone just by mistakenly clicking the Reply button, typing in the wrong recipient, clicking on Reply All or regretting having sent the email message in the first place. If the message is accidentally sent to the wrong person, the sender might really suffer serious regret.

The most common thing is composing an email that talks about an attached file, then send it without the attachment. Some people have even sent a reputation-damaging email to their boss threatening their employment. The next time it happens, there is no need to profusely apologize or start looking for another job. Google’s email service has made its previously experimental “Undo Send,” official.

Wired thinks Google may have been plagued by a lot of messages from remorseful senders who regretted clicking the Send button, or search engines may have been overloaded with “how to unsend email” queries on the Web. To fix one of the public’s email woes, Google now makes “Undo Send” available so that Gmail users can now retrieve emails sent in error.

The new feature is a handy way to make sure that the wrong email does not reach the wrong person. “Undo Send” triggers once the user sends the email. It then gives him a specific amount of time to change his mind and stop the sending process, hence, the user must be quick. Other email services allow mail recall, but the messages may still reach the recipient.

Forbes said Undo Send was originally launched in March 2009 but was still under experiment. The feature spent six years in the “Labs,” which TNW News called the longest beta period ever. Nevertheless, Google is use to long test periods. Mashable mentioned that it took five years to test Gmail, from 2004 to 2009.

Google has finally graduated “Undo Send” and announced they are adding it as an official Gmail feature. Anyone can activate their web-based version of Google’s email service by tapping on the gear icon at the top right portion of the Gmail screen. Then, it should be followed by choosing the following: Settings -> General -> Enable Undo Send -> check mark. The number of seconds can be changed to either 5, 10, 20, or 30. Users who have already activated the “Undo Send” feature when it was still in beta format will have the feature already activated on their accounts.

An enabled “Undo Send” allows users to recall a sent message for a maximum of 30 seconds after clicking Send. To recall a sent email, the user just needs to click on the “Undo” option that will appear once an email is sent. After the recall time expires, the option will disappear. It is worth noting that “Undo Send” does not work when the user experiences connection issues.

When the user clicks on the Undo link once it appears, Gmail halts the send process and goes back to Compose mode in case the user wants to make changes and send the email again. If that is not the case, he can just close the message so it stays in the Drafts folder where it can be kept or deleted.

There are other cool features available through “Labs” as well, such as: Google Calendar gadget, Google Maps previews within messages, Pictures in chat, Right-side chat, Unread message icon, and custom keyboard shortcuts. While Gmail users can now undo sent emails, it is unfortunate that those who use Gmail mobile app still cannot. However, Mashable reports that Google plans to eventually roll out the feature for the mobile app as well. However, Google did not elaborate on the time frame.

By Judith Aparri

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