Grenoble Scene of Gruesome Terror Attack

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Grenoble, a metropolitan city of around 550,000 citizens, was the scene of a gruesome terror attack and beheading on June 26, 2015. Two suspects have been arrested. One suspect, identified as Yasine Salhi, is accused of decapitating his boss Herve Cornara, and causing several explosions at the U.S. owned company where they both worked. Yasine was a driver for a delivery service, which regularly delivered supplies to Air Products. The service was owned by Herve Cornara.

Authorities found Herve Cornara’s head attached to the fence outside of the factory covered in Arabic writing. The beheading is a hallmark of Islamic terrorist groups such as ISIS. Officials also found flags covered in Islamic slogans near the scene of the attacks. French police escorted the wife and three children of Yasine Salhi early in the morning on June 27. The woman was reportedly unaware of her husband’s terrorist affiliations and publicly reported as such on Europe 1 Radio Station.

Yasine Salhi apparently had no criminal record and nobody was aware that he had become radicalized. No other deaths besides the beheading have been reported from the attack at Grenoble. Several people suffered injuries from minor explosions that were caused by what the police called ‘gas bombs’, and an explosion caused by one of the suspects driving his car into several gas tanks on the side of the factory. The car was found with canisters of chemicals inside, as well as the body of the man who had been decapitated. The explosion was intended to be much worse than it was, though it was heard and felt by people working inside of the factory. All of the workers have been escorted from the factory, owned by a U.S, based company called Air Products and chemicals. The site has been closed down for investigation.

The CEO of Air Products, Seifi Ghasemi, issued a statement expressing his sympathy for the families and people affected by the recent gruesome terrorist attack and beheading in Grenoble. He also stated that security has been increased at all of the Air Products factories worldwide. The damages to the facility have not been released to the public, but Ghasemi reassured the public that the factory was functioning as usual and that after the investigations, it should be up and running as normal. Air products provide’s atmospheric and specialty gas products to metal and petrochemical manufacturing markets worldwide.

France has suffered several terrorist attacks in the past few years since 9/11, the most recent being an attack that killed almost 20 people at a magazine headquarters called Charlie Hebdo. The magazine was known for satirizing the Prophet Muhammad and Islamic culture. France will be on high alert for the next week as a result of the Grenoble terrorist attack, and appropriately so, as France has recently expanded its powers given to Security Services to specifically target Islamic extremism. This includes measures such as putting Islamic mosques under surveillance, and training Islamic preachers, called Imams, to think of themselves as French citizens, and not as outsiders. Efforts will be made to encourage these leaders to include themselves and their followers in the larger community of the Republic of France.

By Stephanie Butler

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