Heroin Seized in Two-State Bust Worth $2.2 Million

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In one of the biggest heroin seizes that police have seen in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, they have turned up $2.2 million dollars from drug charges in a two-state bust. Police have made three arrests, two men and one woman, that they believed were involved with the distribution of heroin, and possibly the shooting of a woman, who was later a suspect. The shooting is what started the investigation that led the police to make the seize. Jeannette Hardy was trying to escapeĀ a home invasion on June 22, when she was shot in the hand while fleeing. Police investigated the matter, and after treating Hardy for her injuries, arrested her and two others, upon finding a range of drug related items in her home.

Hardy’s home contained nearly 2,000 grams of heroin, which according to sources has a street value of around $200,000, and they found items that gave them suspicion of drug activity. Items like $200,000 in cash, two expensive cars, and a money counter lead police to suspect Hardy of illegal activity. In addition, two men who may have been in connection with Hardy were arrested, as well.

Luis Nieves, 33 years old, was arrested for being in possession of over 2,000 grams of heroin. He was caught after he transported the drugs to a building on the west side of Manchester. He was arrested for possession with intent to distribute on June 24. His bail was recently set for $250,000 dollars after his hearing, and his upcoming probable-cause hearing is set for July 8.

Hardy also received an initial hearing, where bail was set but she was released shortly on a bond. Sources say Nieves is still being held.

In this two-state heroin seize, worth a $2.2 million, another arrest was also made later upon police suspicion. Police teamed up with the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in order to track down the other man that police believed was involved in the transportation of the heroin. Jose C. Casellas, 37 years old, was arrested when he transported three kilograms of both heroin and Fentanyl, worth a street value of $300,000. He was charged with trafficking, as well as giving a false name when being booked. His bail was set for $1.5 million and his hearing was set for July 22.

heroinIn addition to what Casellas had on him, police also found drug related items on his properties. They found $20,000 in cash in his apartment and they also found several items in his duplex home, for which police believed he was solely using the property as a drug warehouse. In the second home they found 15 kilograms of heroin and Fentanyl, worth a street value of $1.5 million, and they found many items that are normally used to package drugs.

Among the houses police also found four handguns, though sources do not state where they came from. Overall police seized $2.2 million dollars worth of heroin, in a two-state bust as they believed that the drugs were being transported to both Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Investigators said that it was one of the biggest drug busts that they have seen in the area. Though the first two busts were small in comparison to what police have turned up before, the connections that investigators followed led them to a rather large bust, creating a combined heroin seize worth the $2.2 million. So far only three have been arrested in connection, but police may turn up more leads in the future.

Pennsylvania also had a good week for heroin busts. Connections lead police there to arrest 11 suspects in connection. Though the bust in that state was not quite as big as the recent one in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, all of the connections that seem to be leading police to arrests may prove that they are cracking down harder on illegal drugs. As a result, sources state that the amount of opiate related deaths in those areas has actually largely decreased.

By Crystal Boulware


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