‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ Trailers Promise Hauntingly Good Fun

Hotel Transylvania 2
Dracula and the gang are back for another round of partying and fun on September 25, 2015. Hotel Transylvania 2 trailers promises fans more hauntingly good fun with this sequel.

The original film featured an all-star cast led by Adam Sandler as Dracula. Many of those with supporting roles have worked with Sandler in the past, including David Spade and Kevin James. Selena Gomez played his daughter, Mavis.

In the first film, Dracula ran a hotel for monsters where no human was allowed to enter; yet, one night Jonathan, voiced by Andy Samberg, a human ends up making his way into the hotel. When Dracula finds out he spends the majority of the film trying to hide the fact that a human has breached his security measures.

Alas, Dracula’s attempts fail and Mavis ends up falling in love with a human, finally getting her wish to leave home and see the world. All of the other monsters end up enjoying having Jonathan and he is quickly accepted, even by Dracula.

Hotel Transylvania 2 trailers promises the same hauntingly good fun presented by the original. The preview sets the stage with Dracula now acting as a grandfather. Mavis threatens to leave Transylvania taking her son with her to California where Jonathan’s parents live. This time it seems Dracula and his gang of monster friends spend the movie trying to get his grandson to show his “monster side.” If he looks like a monster, he cannot go live among the humans.

Hotel Transylvania 2The majority of the cast from the original film are returning for the sequel, including Steve Buscemi as Wayne the Wolf Man. Newcomers added to the second installment are Keegan-Michael Key voicing the mummy and the veteran comedian Mel Brooks as Vlad, the great-grandfather. The official Hotel Transylvania 2 website characterizes Vlad as extremely old school, and as having a problem with his great-grandson not being a pureblood.

The official trailer boasts many comedic scenes similar to the original film. In one such scene, Dracula drops his grandson from a tower several stories high confident the boy will start to fly. Dracula’s friends are worried and urge him to rescue the boy, but it is not until the last second that Dracula gives in. The comedic commentary suggests this is all in light-hearted fun.

According to The Numbers, the first Hotel Transylvania earned over $345 million worldwide while in theaters. After the video release, the film grossed over $80 million. The video release alone nearly covered the $85 million production budget as accounted by The Numbers.

As reported by Forbes, Hotel Transylvania was Sandler’s top-grossing film of his career so far. It beat out all of his live-action movies. This was not Sandler’s first animated film, but his best numbers wise. Hotel Transylvania 2 is hoped by many to show the same rate of success.

With most of the former cast members returning, Hotel Transylvania 2 promises to be as successful as the original. Many of the comedic veterans returning to this film have a history together. Sandler, Spade, James, and Buscemi have all collaborated on movies like Grown Ups 1 and 2. Sandler and Spade were on Saturday Night Live together in the early 1990’s. Sandler and James starred in the comedy I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.

Hotel Transylvania 2 is also being released around the same time of year as the first film, which was released on September 28, 2012. As reflected by The Numbers, this release date could have had some effect on the success of the first film. The film will be released by Sony Pictures at the end of this summer season. It was directed by Genndy Tartakovsky and written by Robert Smigel. Sandler does not only star in Hotel Transylvania 2 but acted as an executive producer as well.

Many are already beginning to talk about the release of this film. The Hotel Transylvania 2 trailers advertise as hauntingly good fun as the first movie.

By Megan Hellmann

Edited by Chanel van der Woodsen


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