India 4 Year-Old Dies at the Hands of His Mothers Lover

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In Mumbra, India a 4-year-old was beaten to death, and his mother’s lover is suspected of the murder police reported on Sunday (June 14). The boy’s mother was under 30, and had three children including the boy. She lived in Mumbra with her two daughters and her son, according to reports.

Ameer Sayyed is the perpetrator, and is reported to have developed intimate relations with the young mother more than two and half months ago, and visited her home quite often. According to a complaint from the boy’s mother, Sayyed believed the kids were an interference in the relationship and would constantly beat them, which is reported by D.M. Patil (who is an investigator for the police). The 4-year-old was killed in India by the hands of someone his mother trusted.

Last Monday (June 8) the young boy threw up at breakfast, and an infuriated Sayyed began hitting him viciously until he passed out. One of the young woman’s daughters tried to help him, and Sayyed’s anger turned on her; he ended up gaving her a broken hand, said the local authorities in India. He told the family that if they said anything about what had happened he would kill them.

Later in the day, the young mother was able to get her children to the hospital, but fearing for their lives she lied to the hospital personal, and said that they fell down the stairs. In the town of Mumbra in India, a 4-year-old boy died at the hands of his mother’s lover, and her other two children are left with emotional and physical injuries.

By Katherine Miller-Chichester


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