Irwin Rose’s Discovery Holds Great Importance for the World

Irwin Rose

There have been many individuals whose discoveries would greatly influence the world of science. Irwin Rose’s contributions have provided scientists with enough information that could prevent the destruction of protein, a fatal process linked to causing diseases. Rose’s discovery holds great importance in the world because it can lead to new ways in treating serious illnesses. The protein in the cells must perform various tasks to keep the body functioning normally; when the cells are damaged, it can affect the immune system. Scientists, for a long time, have been coming up with news ways to detect diseases.

One way is through using DNA strands, because they contain information about the person’s gene. In many cases, DNA has helped scientists know if a person is susceptible to cancer, due to a specific gene known as a tumor suppressor, that when left unnoticed will cause cancer. Rose’s discovery may affect this because it shows the root of where the problem is, as well as the cause of the disease. Rose’s discovery would prove to be significant, because now scientists are able to find a way to stop the process of protein degradation.

There are a lot of diseases and illnesses that are researched and studied by doctors and scientists. Some of their findings have led to the creation of new medicines, as well as ways to treat these sicknesses, find where they originate and what causes them. Stem cell research is an example of how scientists are making progress in coming up with cures to treat diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, conditions that can affect the brain; this process is due in part to deterioration of cells and neurons, something that the brain is dependent on in order for it to function. Cells contain thousands of proteins, which perform many functions affecting body response to diseases and illnesses.

RoseRose and his team have potentially put an end to the mystery that has puzzled so many for so long. Cancer can occur when cells get divided and become mutated through faulty genes. Rose’s findings may change science, because proteins help in making sure that the cells in the body function properly. Diseases are caused by damaged cells, and researchers have begun to get a handle on how to fix this issue. Many discoveries have resulted in an interesting find; one of these, which can be credited to Gideon Goldstein, would make it possible for other scientists like Rose to examine the way that proteins are broken down into pieces in plants and animals, these proteins having the ability to destroy and chop up cells.

The discovery of a new protein has shown that scientists have come a long way since its first identification in 1975 by Goldstein. When researrchers first started studying this protein, it had been something that existed in living things such as plants and yeast. Rose, as well as a team of researchers, would into go into further depth about the process and system of the break down of proteins and how it is directly linked to the development of diseases, but her effort resulted in being honored with the Nobel Prize.

The proteins go through the process of being broken up; however, this process can be disrupted, upon which time diseases have a higher potential of forming. When the protein attached to another protein, this is fatal because it will eventually be destroyed after it passes through a machine-like chopper, where the proteins are broken down and sliced.

Rose’s discovery holds great importance in the world because it has given hope to the possibility of finding ways to cure diseases which are deadly. The study of protein degradation is a critical component in understanding how cellular processes work, and it has given researchers a better understanding of how cells in the body are affected by diseases which can disrupt the body’s immune system. This may be one of many discoveries that will prove beneficial and potentially allow for more breakthroughs, which could help to end diseases. Genetic research may be one tool that will help scientists get answers regarding learning about a person’s susceptibility to diseases, because embedded in the genes is DNA information of individuals. This, combined with their discoveries in protein degradation, could help the aforementioned scientists and researchers create medicines that will heal diseases.

Irwin Rose’s discovery holds great importance in the world because it has shed light on something that was thought to be complex to the point of no solution ever being possible. His contribution to science have given scientists insight into the causes of diseases.

By Tabitha Jenkins


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Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army RDECOM Flickr Page – Creative Commons

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