Minnesota Students Visit Adult Sex Store for Field Trip



A private school in Minnesota has made a lot of parents furious Monday, June 1st. Parents told sources they were not aware of a particular field trip their middle and high-school aged children attended recently. Gaia Democratic School director Starri Hedges took students on a field trip to an adult sex store in Minnesota, for a sexual education course.

The name of the adult sex shop is Smitten Kitten, and it offers various educational workshops for people of all ages to attend. During the workshop attendees receive resources about sex and sexuality. Jennifer Pritchett, owner of the novelty store, stated in an email, “the discretion is left up to the parents and guardians as to if, when, and the capacity of resources they want the store’s educators to provide.”

Parents withdrew their children from the school. They told sources they believed it was a breach of trust because they were not aware of the field trip taking place, and had to find out from their kids when they returned home from school.

Hedges told sources, she chose Minnesota’s local novelty store for the field trip because she wanted her students to learn about sexual education in a safe environment. Hedges also stated that sexual education should not have an age limit because kids are starting puberty as early as the ages of 10 and 11.

The students stayed in front of the store in the library section during the educational session, and anything that related to pornography was off-limits. However, sex toys and other products were in site. The children also bought condoms at the end of the trip.

Business officials of Minneapolis told sources they were going to investigate the limit of sexual exposure to children in the state. Although cite code states “people under 18 years are not allowed to be exposed to sound or published, sexually provocative written, printed, photographic, materials harmful to minors,” the officials are determining whether the adult store has done anything wrong.

Since Hedge brought the spotlight onto her sexual education course, she stated taking the class to the adult store will be her first and last time. She also told sources she wished the parents were not outraged about the idea because it was beautiful seeing the kids intrigued with the lessons and feeling comfortable asking questions about sexual health.

Students in Minnesota visiting an adult store for a field trip left many parents in distrust with the Gaia Democratic School. Although the field trip was for educational purposes, and officials are still determining whether or not any laws were broken, the parents were not notified about the trip and that is enough to upset many parents. Even though the sexual education teacher did not mean any harm, informing the parents about the trip would have stopped angry parents from losing trust with the school officials.

By Krystle Mitchell


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  1. Both that “teacher” (I use the term loosely) and the sex shop should face felony charges for sexualizing children.

    Just read the statements made by this “Starri Hedges” pedophile, she said that starting that school saved her from committing suicide, she’s unstable and god forbid something worse happened to some of those kids during that trip to a smut shop.

    You will see a slew of articles covering for the felon, liberal insanity describes this whole situation well.

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