Jennifer Lopez Is So Hot That It Is Illegal

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The international and world-famous Booty singer, Jennifer Lopez is so hot that it is illegal, literally. She is currently having charges being pressed against her for “disturbing public order” at a concert in Morocco. If she is found guilty, Lopez could face up to 2 years of jail time.

On May 29, the Mawazine Festival was taking place in Rabat. Over 160,000 people were in attendance and it was broadcast on national television to an audience of two million Moroccan citizens. Lopez happened to be one of the various performers at the festival. Her performance was exactly how any J-Lo performance would be – provocative, energetic and irresistibly hard not to dance to. It is the sex appeal in her concerts that define who she is – previous music videos can justify that statement. Her performance involved changing into various different clothes. Lopez is a confident woman who knows she is attractive and is not afraid to show it off. She is going 45 years strong, but does not look anything like her age.

An education group in Morocco seems to disagree with the way Lopez chose to perform on stage. They are claiming her performance “tarnished women’s order and respect.” It is apparently illegal to be so hot, and that is why Lopez is getting sued. People overseas obviously do not share the same “sex sells” philosophy that Americans have, because this is not the first time the Booty singer is being criticized for a provocative performance in a different country. The same instance happened when she put on a birthday show for the president of Turkmenistan.

The nation of Morocco is so outraged that several citizens are calling for the resignation of the communication’s minister, Mustapha Khalfi. He is the person who gave the nod of approval to allow the event to be televised to citizens around the country. Khalfi himself was not so pleased with the performance either. He took to Twitter to write, “What was broadcast is unacceptable and goes against broadcasting law.” She has performed before in that country without any issues, but now that it was televised she is having legal action taken against her? That is not going to fare very well for fans if the international star ends up being found guilty.

The announcements of the lawsuit do not seem to be fazing the Booty singer, since she has an extremely busy schedule and a much larger fan base to worry about. Her fans who truly appreciate her beauty, performance, and of course assets – are also the ones who will not sue her for simply being J-Lo. She recently had her Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood announced. She will be performing 20 shows starting from January 2016 up until June 2016. “The show is going to be a multifaceted high energy Jenny from the Block party,” she continued, “It’s going to be the show I’ve always dreamt of creating.” Besides the singing, she has also begun production for an upcoming NBC police drama called Shades of Blue set to release winter next year.

It is unlikely that Lopez will be found guilty on the illegal fact of being so hot according to Moroccan laws. She is too attractive to be behind a jail cell.

Opinion by Frank Grados


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