Fenway Park Bat Attacks Woman in Stands

Fenway park

Fenway park had a broken bat attack a woman went it was sent flying at her, while in the stands. The woman, Tanya Carpenter who was wheeled out by paramedics is expected to survive. Carpenter was attending the game with her son Aiden, and her ex-boss, according to her brother-in-law Matthew Carpenter, as he added that they were all praying for her. Injuries do happen at baseball games and are taken very seriously.

Police say that Tanya Carpenter was bleeding from her head, but is expected to survive. She was struck by a broken bat, which was hit by Oakland A’s Bret Lawrie when he hit a ground ball to second base. The game was stopped in the top of the second inning so emergency crews could treat her, and cart her off the field. Alex Merlis who hails from Massachusetts was sitting behind Carpenter, and told the media that the bat came flying into the first few rows of the stands between home plate, and third base. Carpenter was taken by ambulance to Beth Israel medical center, and a hospital worker reported there was no news of the her condition.

When reporters asked Lawrie how difficult it was for him to keep his mind on the game, he responded by saying that Carpenter was in his thoughts and prayers, and hoped that she was going to be alright, but he had to try to keep his mind on what was happening in the game. The bat that attacked the woman in the stands at Fenway park went flying out of Lawrie’s hands and had broken edges that caused her injury. In 2008 the baseball league expressed its concern about broken bats and the safety of the fans. The league made major changes within the ball parks to assure the safety of the fans and players. Injuries from broken bats are almost half of what they were since 2009.

Kelly Lawman a representative from the hospital, said that Carpenter was in serious condition as of Saturday afternoon. Police officer Rachael McGuire issued a statement that Carpenter was struck in the head at Friday nights game at Fenway park, and she is expected to recover.

There have been two or three dozen injuries from foul balls, and bats in ballparks not just at Fenway park, but through the league, but only one fatality. A 14-year-old at Dodger Stadium in 1970 was killed when he was hit by a foul ball.

The NHL (National Hockey League) had a fatality in 2002 when a young girl was killed by a stray puck. The league ordered safety netting in back of each goal. The league also settled with the girls parents for almost a quarter of a million dollars.

Fenway park

Red Sox manager sent a statement out on behalf of the team, and Fenway park to Carpenter expressing their concern and hope for a speedy recovery for her and her family. He also said to the public that such an experience is a particularly scary moment. On Saturday the Red Sox team issued a statement to wish her a quick recovery, as well.

Fenway park had a broken bat that went flying at a woman, attacking her in the stands on Friday, but it did not stop the fans from packing the stadium on Saturday, and there have been no verbal attacks against Carpenter or the Red Sox organization. There has been another debate about extending the protective nets in back of home plate, and whether or not to extend them to the dugouts. This issue was raised 13 years ago when the seats where Carpenter was sitting were installed. The Major League Baseball (MLB) association issued a more detailed statement expressing concern for Carpenter, and wishes of a speedy recovery, and they thanked the hospital, the first responders, and the police.

By Katherine Miller-Chichester


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