Jimmy Fallon and Jason Statham Play ‘Slap Jack’ [Video]

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Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon’s guests on the Tonight Show this Wednesday night were actor Jason Statham from the hit comedy movie, Spy, and actor Adrian Grenier, one of the stars of the movie Entourage. Also, doing a comedy stand-up routine, the very funny Elayne Boosler was Fallon’s third guest of the show.

Fallon began the Tonight Show by doing his monologue. He joked about a variety of topics from the news of today, like the presidential campaign season. Fallon said that Toby McGuire was hosting a fund raiser for Hillary Clinton. He showed a mocked-up photo of Toby, hanging upside-down as Spider-Man, kissing Hillary.

Jimmy Fallon also joked about American T.V. shows having to change their titles to ones that are more honest, when shown in China. One example was “Keeping up With the Kardashians became Unemployed Women Making Dolphin Noises.”

“In a recent interview, George Clooney said that he wasn’t in favor of people getting plastic surgery. The interviewer thought ‘That’s easy to say if you look like George Clooney.'” Fallon said that customer service ratings for cable companies are at an all-time low. The lowest rating was for Time Warner.

Jimmy Fallon had a customer service representative from Time Warner come out onto the stage and explain why the company got such a low rating. The guy Fallon spoke with said things that customer service reps would often say on phone calls, which of course, is a big cause for the low ratings.

Fallon showed a clip of three baseball players converging to try to catch a foul ball. They ended up colliding with each other.

Jimmy Fallon mentioned tomorrow’s guests, like John Cusack. Tonight, he said that Jason Statham from Spy will be on. Fallon said he is “really funny” in the movie. Fallon challenged Statham to a game of Slap Jack later in the show. Also, Adrian Grenier, or Vincent Chase, from the movie Entourage will be on. Elayne Boosler will be the third guest.

Then, Fallon did the comedy bit called “Tonight Show Superlatives,” about hockey players in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Jimmy Fallon showed photos of several hockey players from the Blackhawks and the Lightning, and made jokes about what the players had been Most Likely to Be or Do. “Duncan Keith from the Blackhawks” Fallon said, “was Voted Most Likely to Have a Pet Can of Beer.” He stated that “Lightning player Brian Boyle was Voted Most Likely to Star in ‘Aladdin on Ice.'” The last one that Fallon mentioned was “Brad Richards from the Blackhawks, who was Voted Most Likely to Look Like What Every Guy at Hooters Looks Like.”

Following a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced actor Jason Statham, from Furious 7. Fallon showed his photo on the cover of Esquire. Furious 7 has made $1.5 billion so far. Statham said “They’re going to do another one, Fast 8.”

“Last time you were on, we did a Hamster Ball Race. I almost died. I got claustrophobic and couldn’t breathe and really thought that I was going to die,” Fallon said. He added when he got out of the ball “You almost ran over me, and I almost died for a second time.”

They both talked about the movie Spy, and Fallon said that Statham was very funny in it. “Were the lines improvised? Did you make them up?” Fallon asked him.

Statham said that they had the lines on Post-It Notes, and neither actor would know beforehand what the other one was about to say. Fallon explained that Jude Law, who was on last night, is a spy, and Melissa goes undercover to stop the illegal sale of a nuclear weapon. Fallon showed a clip of Statham with McCarthy in it, and it was pretty hilarious.

Jimmy Fallon then challenged Jason Statham to a “friendly game of Slap Jack.” Fallon said that they would play right after another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

“It works the same as Black Jack, but at the end of each round, the winner gets to slap the loser’s face with a prosthetic arm,” Fallon explained. Statham dealt the first hand. Statham said “I’ve got a 10. You’d better be sweating.”

The first hand ended in a tie. With Fallon being the challenger, he got to slap Statham’s face. Statham fell to the floor, as if he was grievously injured. Fallon dealt the second hand. Statham went over, and Fallon got to hit him again.

Fallon said happily “This is my first win on the show against you!” When Fallon hit Statham, the Spy star again acted as if Fallon had hit him hard, falling to the ground.

Jimmy Fallon

After more commercials, Jimmy Fallon introduced Vince from Entourage, Adrian Grenier. “Thank you so much for being on my show!” Fallon told Adrian.

“Someone told me we were also together in the Woody Allen movie, Anything Else,” Jimmy Fallon said to Grenier.

They talked about the movie and their experiences meeting Woody Allen. Neither Grenier not Fallon thought that they were going to get the part.

“Let’s talk Entourage. When did it start, where were you when you got the call?” Fallon asked him.

Grenier said that he was in Mexico, about to go to Cuba “to make a documentary about Cuban Hip-hop.” He got an e-mail about the role, and he said he went through three International Calling Cards. Grenier had to have a plane ticket sent to him so that he could fly to L.A. for the audition.

Jimmy Fallon talked about the T.V. series Entourage, and about all of the wild parties that the characters would go to. Grenier said sometimes they would all go in like a guerrilla operation, and film scenes, like on the Red Carpet of the Grammys.

The plot of the movie has the Entourage characters going over budget while making a major Hollywood film. They had to find out a way to still continue on and finish making the flick. Fallon showed a clip from the movie, and it looked like it is pretty funny.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show returned after commercials, Jimmy Fallon introduced Elayne Boosler, who has a new album out, The 50/50 Club. Boosler talked about sales at Macy’s, how getting older now means you buy drugs indoors, like pot. “When I was a kid, I took Flintstones vitamins. Now, I take Prozac in the shapes of my parents.”

Boosler joked about getting older and losing her memory, forgetting where she put “four cups of coffee,” and even her glasses. She said that sometimes, when a man is younger, sex is over too quickly. When a man gets older, it can take too much time.”

Boosler joked about kale, saying “You can’t eat it. Suddenly, the whole country is gluten-intolerant. Two year ago, you never heard about gluten.” Boosler said that “the whole world is intolerant now. Meanwhile, our parents are enjoying themselves, eating what they want to eat, drinking Jack Daniels and smoking Camels.”

The Tonight Show this June night of the strawberry full moon, Jimmy Fallon’s two main guests were the actor Jason Statham, who talked about the movie he is currently in, Spy, and he played a “friendly” game of Slap Jack with Fallon. Actor Adrian Grenier talked about his latest movie, Entourage, and comedian Elayne Boosler closed out the show with a funny stand-up routine.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Jason Statham Play ‘Slap Jack’

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