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South Africa

The current day employment scam in South Africa is to get rid of white people. Competent, skilled people who have the ability to do the work required and ensured competence all round. The public sector has replaced skilled workers with staff that have low IQs and obviously cannot do the job as experienced as the previous team.

Surprisingly, the new appointees all earn good government salaries with a guaranteed annual increase and benefits, all paid for by South Africa taxpayers. Besides having secured a good paying job, there is the added benefit of protection from the progressive labor laws in South Africa, a law that favors the worker.

When service delivery falls apart, and the state-run departments start failing due to incompetence, the reliable solution is to hire consultants. Outsourcing to consultants that come in and get the work done on behalf of full-time, well-paid staff that do not have the skills. The exorbitant fees paid for the services of consultants is another added expense. The hiring of consultants is to hide the incompetence of the workers who do not know how to get the job done. Some of the hired consultants are the very people who were previously employed in the government sector. The government uses the taxpayers money to pay for two people to do the same job. While the black employee is only placed into these positions for window dressing purposes only, it is the consultant, previous employed white person that is used behind the scenes.

It is estimated that consulting fees cost an average of ZAR30 billion. Over the past years, taxpayers had to fork out more money each year to pay for the government’s deficit. South Africa has a smart government who are prepared to pay consultants double for what the debt amount is and raise taxes to pay for stupidity. Is this the ultimate plan to create jobs, and keep people employed simply because nobody wants to hire unskilled people. Perhaps this is the plan of the government to create jobs from taxes that was not earned in the first place but spend like there is no tomorrow.

It is obvious that there is no accountability, and the hiring of consultants will not end. While South Africa does have the financial capacity to take care of all citizens, yet it is evident from the budgets that irregular spending does happen. It would depend on the ordinary people, irrespective of race in South Africa to keep provincial, local and national governments accountable and deal directly with officials that are squandering funds unnecessary. Unless determined action is taken, the squandering of resources will continue unabated.

It does not matter what party is voted into power if there is no accountability. South Africa is falling apart from the corruption, fraud, and crime. Added to the already high crime and corruption statistics, wasteful squandering of funds to pay double for a skilled task to be performed is dangerous to any economy.

Public officials need to understand the responsibility and act in a professional manner. It should be a priority to inform government employees of the serious consequences for any mischievousness while working in the public sector, and suspending an official with full pay is another factor that needs to be resolved. Far too many corrupt officials do not bother with accountability as there is always the benefit of being suspended for months with full pay. Every public official from the cleaner to the president should take an oath to the country and people to serve in an accountable manner at all times.

Opinion by Laura Oneale


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Photo Courtesy of Jorge Lásca Wikimedia/Flickr Page – Public Domain License

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