Jimmy Fallon Interviewed Channing Tatum and Mo Rocca on ‘Tonight Show’

Tonight Show

Channing Tatum from Magic Mike XXL and comedian and newscaster Mo Rocca from CBS Sunday Morning were the two main guests Jimmy Fallon interviewed on the Tonight Show this Tuesday. Fallon and Tatum enacted scenes from Magic Mike XXL later in the show, but written by kids who did not know what the movie was actually about. The musical guest tonight was the group X Ambassadors.

Fallon was greeted as he came out onto the stage by a standing ovation from the Tonight Show studio audience. He began the Tonight Show by welcoming everybody there, and saying it “was a hot crowd.” He then did his monologue, joking about topics like the upcoming presidential election. Trump was asked “What woman do you want to see on the ten dollar bill?” Trump replied “My mother.”

He said that Ohio governor, John Kasich, was thinking about running. He kept on bringing up Bono from U2 in a montage of speeches that he gave, thinking that would make him look cooler. Fallon then started singing the U2 song with the lyrics “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”

Fallon joked about last night being the sixth episode of The Bachelorette. Questlove and Tariq from The Roots re-enacted a scene from the show last night. Questlove played the part of the bachelorette. It was pretty funny seeing them re-enact the scene.

Tonight Show

The real “Bachelorette” for this season showed up. She gave both Tariq and Questlove each a rose.

Fallon said that next month, Amazon will be paying authors based on how many pages that people read. He said it would not be great for authors who have written children’s books of about 15 pages long, like he had written, DADA.

Fallon then joked about the world’s biggest surfboard and that over 60 people had gotten on it. He said a shark was behind them, saying to itself “Soon…”

Fallon mentioned who some upcoming guests would be, then he said that tonight, Channing Tatum from Magic Mike XXL would be on. He and Channing, Fallon said “would do something fun.” Mo Rocca would also be stopping by, and the musical guest would be X Ambassadors.

“Tonight, we’ll be taking a look at the Pros & Cons of going to Marijuana Camp,” Fallon said. Some of the Pros & Cons follow, somewhat paraphrased.

“Pro: It’s called CannaCamp. con: It was originally called Camp Wanna Toka. Pro: Lights out at 10 p.m. Con: Lights up at 10:20. Pro: Seeing pot smoke wafting up through the forest. Con: Seeing bears wander out asking where the nearest White Castle is. Pro: Only you can prevent forest fires. Con: Only you can see the talking bear saying it.”

Back from a commercial break on the Tonight Show, Fallon introduced “Mr. Magic Mike himself, Channing Tatum!” Magic Mike XXL will open July 1. “Good God, you’re in great shape!” Fallon told him.

Fallon said “You’re fantastic in this movie!” He said that “There are a lot of fun cameos in the movie.” Tatum told the audience “You’re going to love Twitch in the movie.”

On the Tonight Show, Fallon told Tatum “You’re a total stud in this movie.” He mentioned that Gabriel Iglesias is in the movie. Tatum said that the part that he did, “he wrote for himself.”

Tatum talked about dressing up as somebody called “Scott” and interviewing people about the movie. He told the people that they would be seeing the movie in 3-D, then he brought out real male strippers, and he started dancing around as “Scott.”

Tatum said that Magic Mike XXL is “a road trip movie.” Fallon introduced a clip from the flick. In it, Tatum was doing a wild-looking but cool dance. Then, the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

Tonight Show

Following the break on the Tonight Show, Fallon and Tatum briefly talked about Foxcatcher. Then, Fallon said “I want to see your skills! I want to see what you’ve got!” Fallon challenged him to read scenes from the movie, but based on what kids thought that a movie about Magic Mike would be about. The comedy segment was called Kid’s Theater. Announcer Steve Higgins set the scene.

Tatum played a magical man called Mike, who said that he would fix the flat tire on Fallon’s bike. He did a LOT of pumping, but finally inflated the tire. “What’s so magic about inflating a bike tire?” Fallon asked.

“Oh. yeah — you’re right. I’m just regular Mike,” Tatum said.

The next scene, Fallon played a “Boss.” He told Magic Mike that he was not doing a good job keeping aliens off of the planet. Mike said that he was “letting aliens come to the planet,” because…he was actually wearing a mask, and he was the king of the aliens.

The last scene that they did, Tatum played “Magic Bird” while Fallon was Magic Mike.” He blew on the forehead of “Magic Bird,” and then he patted him on the back. That did not calm Magic Bird down, so then they sang a song. They sang a song about flying away together.

Tonight Show

Then on the Tonight Show, after another break, Fallon introduced the second guest, news corespondent Mo Rocca. Mo Rocca also hosts a show called My Grandmother’s Ravioli. Mo Rocca and Fallon talked about CBS Sunday Morning.

Fallon said that the show seemed “to be so much fun.” Mo Rocca mentioned an episode where he met and interviewed “professional cutlers,” and he went up 50 floors to see what it felt like “to be a window washer.” He said he was not scared of heights.

On the Tonight Show, Mo Rocca and Fallon then talked about My Grandmother’s Ravioli, about to enter its fourth season on July 29 on the Cooking Channel. Mo Rocca said he went about the country interviewing grandmothers and asking them about their recipes and lives. He told Fallon that he would like to “be a grandparent without first being a parent.”

Tonight Show

Back from another commercial break, Tonight Show host Fallon introduced the musical guest of the episode, X Ambassadors. The group performed the song Renegades off of their upcoming album VHS. The song is now the Number One alternative music song in the country. It is a great song, and the audience applauded wildly when they finished singing it.

On the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon interviewed his guest Channing Tatum and Mo Rocca in an entertaining episode. Fallon talked with Tatum about his upcoming movie, Magic Mike XXL, and he then did a segment of Kid’s Theater with him, acting out scenes written by kids about a character called “Magic Mike.” Fallon asked Mo Rocca about his shows, CBS Sunday Morning and also My Grandmother’s Ravioli.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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