‘Extreme Weight Loss’: ‘Love Can’t Weight’ for Tiffany and Cain

Extreme Weight Loss

The next three episodes of Extreme Weight Loss, subtitled Love Can’t Weight, beginning tonight, will be about couples getting ready for their upcoming marriages by losing weight, and this first episode focuses on the weight-loss journeys of Tiffany and Cain. The couples will all be helped achieve their weight-loss goals by trainers and transformational coaches, Chris and Heidi Powell.

The couples will all spend the first 90 days of their six-month-long transformational journeys in Aurora, Colorado at the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, and will also be assisted by Dr. Holly Wyatt, MD, in reaching their weight-loss goals and losing up to half their body weight and some harmful emotional baggage that has held them back.

The next three months the initial three the couples will be separated, not seeing each other until the day of their weddings. Two of the three couples will walk down the aisle together and get married, while one of the couples decides not to get married, just six days before the marriage ceremony is scheduled to take place. All three couples will lose an incredible amount of weight during their six-month-long weight-loss journeys, one couple losing 300 pounds between them.

The Extreme Weight Loss: Love Can’t Weight premiere episode began in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tiffany said “I knew he was the one when I first met him.” Cain, her fiance, worked in the Casino business.

He said “There’s no one else I want beside me in life.” Tiffany said “We’re a team.”

However, Tiffany stated that their weight was holding them back from getting married. They had together put on 150 additional pounds in the four years they had known each other.

She said that she used to be an athlete in high school and college. She has Crohn’s Disease, also, and ulcerative colitis, and does not want wedding pictures taken looking like she does now. She put on the extra weight after having met Cain, who also overeats. He used to be a wrestler. Cain admitted to having a “gambling addiction.” He said he has lost a quarter of a million dollars over the last four years.

On Extreme Weight Loss on ABC, Tiffany said that she was fed up with Cain spending so much time on the computer participating in online gambling. He said one year everybody in his family got scratch-off tickets, and gambling runs in his family.

Tiffany contacted the co-hosts of Extreme Weight Loss, Chris and Heidi Powell. They cooked up something special for Tiffany and Cain, literally, working in the kitchen of the couple’s favorite restaurant. The Powells overloaded the food with salt and spices The couple still ate the food, though Tiffany was saying “I feel sick.”

Then on Extreme Weight Loss, Chris and Heidi came out and said what they had done. They told the couple that they wanted to chose them, but they had a challenge for them. They told the couple to “Go home and change and meet us at Audubon Park in one hour.”

Chris and Heidi asked them to run a quarter of a marathon, 6.6 miles, in 90 minutes. Chris said that they were “former athletes,” so they should be able to make it. Tiffany took off and was fine, but she was leaving Cain in the dust.

Heidi said “Marriage is a team sport. It’s not something that can be accomplished solo.” She told Tiffany, finally, to complete it with Cain. She went back and they finished the race together, within the 90 minutes.

Chris and Heidi told them “It’s official!” They told Tiffany and Cain that they would be spending the next 90 days with them in Colorado.

The couple met up there with a “Wedding Dream Team,” who will make their cake and cater their wedding for them. David Tutera would plan their wedding with them, Rocco DiSpirito would cater their wedding, and “Duff” Goldman (owner of Charm City Cakes and Food Network star) would make their wedding cake.

At their initial weigh-in on Extreme Weight Loss, Tiffany weighed 267 pounds and Cain weighed 357 pounds. Cain was a former football player and wrestler, and Tiffany was a former soccer player. Chris told them “If you hit your Phase I goal, we will buy you your wedding rings.”

Their Phase I goal was to lose 192 pounds between them during the first three months. During Phase II, they were told that they would be split up for the next three months.

Then on Extreme Weight Loss, DiSpirito took Tiffany and Cain to a restaurant and took them to the kitchen and watched a meal being prepared there. There were so many steps along the way when additional calories were added to the food, and the couple got to see that what they ordered could make a big difference in the calories they consumed.

At Colorado, Chris split the two apart for a while. Cain admitted to Chris that he had a gambling addiction.

Co-host of Extreme Weight Loss, Heidi Powell, asked Tiffany “Do you ever encourage him? You didn’t during the run.” Heidi told her that “He needs your support! He needs to know that you’re there!”

At the end of the workout, they were put back together. Cain held up a 50-pound barbell above his head as Tiffany ran a 50 yard dash. He held it over his head until Tiffany completed the run, though he was in pain and was suffering.

On Extreme Weight Loss, Chris told the couple that he wanted to be the one to marry them. He and Heidi walked with Tiffany and Cain to where Dave Tutero was waiting for them, surprising them with the news that he would be their wedding planner. Tiffany told him that she was “a New Jersey girl,” and she wanted a big, epic kind of wedding.

Then, Heidi took Tiffany to shop for wedding dresses. Heidi asked her “What size did you think you’d be at?” Tiffany told her when she had shopped for bridesmaids dresses, she wore a “22 wide.” Heidi told her “You’re definitely not a 22 wide any longer.”

Heidi surprised Tiffany again on Extreme Weight Loss by having her mom flown there to shop with her. Tiffany was down to wearing a size 18, already.

Chris took Cain with him shopping for engagement rings. Cain knew exactly the style of ring that Tiffany wanted, a halo cut one. He picked out a ring that was a half a carat one. To the cameras on Extreme Weight Loss, Chris said “Heidi’s going to kill me when she sees the bill.”

Then, Heidi was with Tiffany during a workout, and Heidi could tell that something was wrong. She asked Tiffany what the problem was, and she said that she was experiencing pain from her ulcerative colitis.

On Extreme Weight Loss, Dr. Holly suggested that Tiffany be sent back home and consult with her doctor to have her medicine dosage adjusted, so that she would not risk having to be operated on and having her colon removed.

Back from a commercial break on Extreme Weight Loss, Cain was working out with Chris. Chris asked him if he had been thinking much about gambling, and Cain admitted that it had been tough for him.

After about two weeks, Tiffany was back. They had the initial goal to lose 192 pounds together, and Tiffany said “I was concerned if we would make it or not.”

The couple weighed in then on Extreme Weight Loss, with the engagement ring on the line. Cain went first, taking off his shoes and his shirt. He now weighed in at 251, having lost 106 pounds.

Tiffany was up next to get weighed. She weighed in at 262 at her initial weigh-in. She needed to have lost 84 pounds to meet their combined goal. Extreme Weight Loss went to a break before her weight was revealed. When the show returned, she was weighed and had lost 92 pounds, and the couple had earned themselves an engagement ring.

Chris and Heidi asked the couple what they wanted to weigh at the end of Phase II. Chris told them that they would have one day to see each other and for Cain to propose to her during the next three months.

Tiffany went back to see her friends and family and she hoped that people would notice she had lost weight. Everybody gathered to see her were all impressed. She said “I felt like a rock star. I was laughing, I was crying; it was awesome.”

Tiffany said “Cain looks phenomenal. You’re not even going to recognize him.” That was when Cain surprised her by showing up, and the crowd went wild.

Then on Extreme Weight Loss, Cain got down on one knee and proposed to her, and she said “Yes,” of course. She said that she “would remember this moment the rest of her life.”

Cain had to say goodbye to Tiffany right after she accepted his proposal. He had to go to Arizona with the Powells to keep on training and losing weight.

Tiffany then said that Heidi called her and flew her to L.A. to “meet someone special.” That person was cake designer “Duff” Goldman. He asked her if she had a theme and/or colors. She told him their wedding color was “Royal purple.” They talked together and “Duff” suggested that “edible pearls” be put on the cake, which would make it look shiny.

In Arizona on Extreme Weight Loss, Cain and Chris ran together and Chris asked him about if he had been thinking about gambling much. Cain told him he had been 120 days without having gambled. He still thought about it, though.

Chris told him he had a bachelor’s party planned for him, in Vegas. He told Cain “If you can go to Vegas and leave Vegas without gambling, that would be a sign you have changed.”

In Vegas on Extreme Weight Loss, Chris told Cain he wanted him to run 6.6 miles, another quarter of a marathon, in an hour. If he did, Chris told him he had something special for him, a video message from Tiffany. Cain would be running past all the places where he had taken out loans to gamble.

Chris ran along with him, and he said “Here we are, running a quarter marathon, and it’s like nothing to him. I know that deep inside he’s happy with himself for the first time.”

At the finish line, Chris told him he had ran the quarter marathon in “58 minutes and 48 seconds.” His groomsmen were there to see him at the finish line, and Cain got to see the video message from Tiffany. He said “It was motivation to help him keep going.”

Chris said “It’s his bachelor’s party, but the real question is if he will go gambling.” He watched his friends gamble, and he felt tempted to join in with them.

The following day, Chris asked him if he “had gotten into any trouble.” Cain told him that he had not, and he had not gambled. Chris told the cameras that Tiffany’s skin had snapped right back and she would not need the skin reduction surgery, but Cain would need it.

They met up with a skin reduction surgeon to find out how much he would need to lose in addition to what he had already lost. The doctor told him “around 10 to 20 pounds.”

Then, Heidi took Tiffany and her friends to L.A. to have her “version of a bachelorette party.” They would be playing soccer in a park.

Tiffany needed to “block two out of ten goals successfully,” and she would get a surprise video message from Cain. Tiffany agreed, thinking that she wold be blocking Heidi’s goals; but instead, Mia Hamm was there, and she had to block two of her goal attempts.

Mia “started ripping them,” Tiffany said. After Mia scored four times, finally Tiffany dived for one and blocked it. She missed the next one and the one after. It got down to the final shot of the ten. Tiffany dove for the ball, and…Extreme Weight Loss went to yet another commercial break.

When Extreme Weight Loss on ABC came back from the break, Tiffany knew that she had this one chance left to see the video from Cain. Mia let loose, and Tiffany dove for the ball and managed to block it. “I felt like for a second…I had it back. It was a shot from Mia Hamm!”

Heidi told her that she could have blocked shots from her, but to “block two from Mia Hamm — that’s incredible!”

Mia told Tiffany “You know how hard it was to get here. Don’t turn back.” Tiffany said that her words really hit home for her, and she got to see the video message from Cain.

Heidi told her “I have one more thing for you!” it was a video message from Dave Tutero, who told her she would “be getting married at the Biltmore Hotel in California.’

Next, the morning of their wedding had arrived. The wedding was held outside. Chris told the cameras that he would be speaking at their wedding and he said “I felt nervous.”

Cain said that everyone “cheered for me,” when he came out. He said “Tiffany entered, and she looked stunning.” Extreme Weight Loss went to another break before the actual wedding happened.

After Extreme Weight Loss came back, Cain said “Today’s the culmination.”

Tiffany said that when she saw Cain, it was like “everything else was blurred out.” Cain said being there and able to hold Tiffany “was like being on a long trip and coming back.”

Chris actually really did officiate at the wedding. He said that Cain and Tiffany “had written their own vows for each other,” and then they spoke them. It was a tender, tear-jerking sort of moment and episode. Chris then pronounced them husband and wife. Coming back from the next commercial break on Extreme Weight Loss, Tiffany and Cain will have their first wedding dance and also their final weigh-in.

Mr. and now Mrs. Cain Myers were introduced and it was time for their final weigh-ins. Heidi told her “we gave you the goal to weigh in at 156 pounds or less.” She told everyone gathered that they had “calibrated the scales to take into account the weight of her wedding dress.” Scenes of her weight-loss journey were shown. Tiffany weighed in at 146 pounds. Chris said “Oh, my God!” She had beat her goal by ten pounds.

Cain said “She’s a fierce competitor. I’m glad that she’s on my team.”

Chris said that Chris had weighed in starting out the weight loss journey at 357. If he weighed 200 or less, Chris told him that the doctor had said he would be able to have the skin reduction surgery. Extreme Weight Loss, of course, headed to another commercial break before Cain’s weight was shown.

Following the break, Cain’s final weight was shown. He came in at EXACTLY 199 pounds, one pound under his goal. He would qualify for the surgery.

Chris handed Cain and Tiffany a week scholarship to the Colorado Boot Camp. Tiffany chose a friend of hers to give the scholarship to, and then the happy couple met with Chris and Heidi. Chris told the camera that they were “proof that…love can’t weight.” That was the end of another fascinating and emotionally draining episode of Extreme Weight Loss, a show that has become a type of combination weight-loss and couples counseling series of late.

Written and Edited By Douglas Cobb

Broadway World.com: Scoop: EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS on ABC –
Tuesday, June 23, 2015

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    I think there is a lesson here. Gamble all you want, eat all you want. TV will fix all your problems. Can’t afford a ring because you blew all your cash, no issue, TV will fix that. Can’t afford a wedding because you lost it all gambling? No issue, TV will fix that. Do whatever you want, don’t worry about the future, TV will fix everything for you when push comes to shove. Not sure why THESE people deserved to have money showered upon them, but hopefully when they go broke again in a few years another show will be there to support them while the truly needy do without.

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