Jimmy Fallon Interviews Larry David and Jason Alexander

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show this second Monday of June Jimmy Fallon interviewed his three main guests, Larry David and Jason Alexander from Seinfeld and the Broadway play, “Fish in the Dark,” and comedian Natasha Leggero. Victor Espinoza, the winning jockey of the Belmont Stakes, was also on the show, and Fallon raced him on mini-motorcycles later in the episode. The musical guest on the Tonight Show was Alabama Shakes.

Jimmy Fallon got a standing ovation as he walked out onto the stage. He did his monologue, making jokes about news items like American Pharoah becoming the first horse since 1978 to win the Triple Crown. “The bad news is that he forgot to wear his FitBit to see how many calories he’d burned,” Fallon said.

He mentioned that the Cleveland Cavaliers won to tie up the series. Fallon joked “Lebron said that it was a big win and he couldn’t have done it without the ball.”

“On Saturday, Tiger Woods shot an 85, which was his worst round ever.” Fallon said that would be the best round ever for most people. Then, he set tennis tournament grunts to music.

Fallon then joked about the Tony Awards that went on last night. He said this morning some people who attended it did the “tap dance of shame.” He tap danced to demonstrate.

Jimmy Fallon said Apple debuted Apple Music. What sort of person you are can be determined by the music that you search for and download. He made a series of jokes about it, like “If you download Buck Cherry you either are a fan of Buck Cherry or you like Chuck Berry and you’re dyslexic.”

Fallon said that after eight years of operation, Yahoo is shutting down Yahoo Maps. Finally, for some reason, Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty were arrested for fighting in Times Square. Parents were really upset, while kids watching said ‘This is amazing!'”

At his desk, Jimmy Fallon mentioned who some upcoming guests will be, like Lena Dunham on Friday. Tonight, he said that Larry David and Jason Alexander will be on, from “Fish in the Dark.” He said Natasha Leggero will also be on, and they had something special planned to do with Victor Espinoza, winning jockey of the Belmont Stakes, and he added that Alabama Shakes will be the musical guest.

Jimmy Fallon then did his weekly Screen Grabs comedy bit. They were humorous, but visual, so pretty much had to be seen to get the joke behind them. One person sent in a Screen Grab from a black-and-white Three Stooges short, that had a man in the background the guy said looked like Fallon. Fallon dressed up like the man in the still, with a bellhop hat on, and he looked quite a bit like the guy.

Jimmy Fallon

After a commercial break on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon said “There’s an even harder challenge than the Triple Crown. It’s the Quadruple Crown. Besides winning the Triple Crown, you have to beat me in a mini-motorcycle race.” He challenged Victor Espinoza, the winning jockey of the Belmont Stakes, to a mini-motorcycle race.

Fallon explained the rules and what the route would be like, and they both mounted their trusty…mini-motorcycles. Espinoza said “It’s not fair — you’re in front of me!” Fallon responded “It’s not fair — you can actually fit on these things!” Espinoza easily beat Fallon, winning the Quadruple Crown. As Fallon crossed the finish line, he and his mini-motorcycle fell over.

Back from another commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced and interviewed his first two guests of the evening, Larry David and Jason Alexander. Starting tomorrow night, Fallon said that Jason Alexander will be taking over the lead role of “Fish in the Dark,” which Larry David wrote and has been starring in. Alexander had a beard and mustache. He was a presenter on the Tony Awards show last night.

Jimmy Fallon said “You broke all records with ‘Fish in the Dark.'”

“I never saw you back stage,” Larry David told Fallon.

Fallon said “I don’t like to go backstage, to tell you the truth. I feel like the actors have already put on a show, and it’s like asking them to continue putting on a play.”

Alexander said that “Everything will go great the first and second weeks, but everything will fall apart the third week. He asked ‘Why?’ and I said ‘Nobody knows — it always does.'”

Fallon asked everybody to go and see the play. Then, the show headed to yet another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

When the show came back from the break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his next guest, comedian Natasha Leggero, from Comedy Central’s Another Period, which will premiere June 23rd. Fallon said that he followed Leggero on Instagram. Fallon showed a photo of Leggero in Rome, and said “You don’t look pleased.”

“That’s because everybody had selfie sticks!” she said. Everybody around her in the photo had selfie sticks.

“You embrace technology on your show. You’re a Tech person,” she said.

“Yes, I am,” Fallon replied. They talked about Another Period, which will be set in 1902. “In the pilot, I get into a huge fight with Helen Keller and I beat her up.” She said “Michael Ian Black plays our butler.” The Comedy Central show, Another Period, will be on right after the Amy Schumer Show.

Jimmy Fallon

Following more commercials, Jimmy Fallon introduced the musical guest of the night, Alabama Shakes. They performed Over My Head from their Number One selling album, Sound and Color. It sounded AMAZING! The song was sort of reminiscent of an Etta James song, kind of jazzy, a bit difficult to exactly classify, and uber cool. The piano playing in it was stellar.

Alabama Shakes rounded out a great Monday night episode of the Tonight Show, as Jimmy Fallon also interviewed his guests Larry David and Jason Alexander, and from the upcoming Comedy Central series, Another Period, Natasha Leggero. Triple Crown-winning jockey, Victor Espinoza, stopped by to race Fallon using mini-motorcycles.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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