Jimmy Fallon Welcomed Guests John Cusack, Chita Rivera and Ricky Martin

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Jimmy Fallon

This Thursday evening on the Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon welcomed his two main guests, actor John Cusack from the upcoming movie about the Beach Boys, Love and Mercy, and actress Chita Rivera, who is starring in the Broadway play, “The Visit.” The musical guest on the Tonight Show was Ricky Martin.

In his monologue, Jimmy Fallon joked about various topics like FIFA, saying “I’m happy to announce that everybody in the studio audience will be going home with a bribe from FIFA!”

Fallon said that Democratic Senator Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island will be running against Hillary Clinton. He wants the U.S. to use the metric system more. Fallon showed a mocked up clip of the senator, with the shadow behind him supposedly his own, mocking him as he spoke.

Fallon said that former Texas Governor, Rick Perry, has announced that he will run to try to get nominated by the Republican party as its presidential candidate. Fallon showed various photos of Perry eating a huge corn dog at the Texas State Fair, and he said that his advisers should have told him to not eat corn dogs while getting photographed.

Jimmy Fallon also joked about the movie, Jaws, coming back to theaters to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Fallon joked about cocaine being discovered in hollowed-out pineapples, and he showed a clip of Sponge Bob Squarepants saying “I’m rich!”

Then, Jimmy Fallon talked about the new children’s book that he has written, called “Dada.” It is a picture book, and Fallon said that he wrote it because he would like his daughters’ first word to be “Dada.” He said the book costs $16.99.

Fallon mentioned upcoming guests like Jason Derulo. He said that tonight, the guests would be John Cusack, who stars in a new movie about the Beach Boys, Love and Mercy. He said the second guest will be Chita Rivera, who stars in the play “The Visit.” Ricky Martin will be the musical guest.

After that, Fallon did his weekly Tonight Show hashtags comedy bit. He started the hashtag #WeddingFail. “Within 20 minutes, it was a trending topic in the U.S.” Fallon said.

Some of the tweets were “My co-workers spent $1,600 to release butterflies at their wedding. They were all eaten instantly by birds.” Another one was “The five-year- old ring bearer stomped and growled while marching down the aisle, all the while shouting, ‘I’m the Ring Bear!'”

Yet another one Jimmy Fallon read off was “While saying our vows, we heard a beer can opening.” One more was “The car read ‘Just Marred’ as they pulled away.” The last one was with a picture. “I slipped and fell while taking this picture.” Fallon showed the black-and-white photo, and it showed the wedding party, but at a slight angle.

After a commercial break on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon said that he had a very stressful week. He wanted “to be alone with my thoughts,” he said, so he went to “The Wonder Window,” and wondered about various things. It was a little bit difficult to hear his thoughts, which were done as a voice-over, as there was also the sound of a rainstorm going on. More commercials followed….

Following the commercials, Jimmy Fallon introduced John Cusack, who plays Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys in Love and Mercy. Cusack said that he was missing his nephew’s graduation ceremony by appearing on the Tonight Show, so he asked Fallon to announce that his nephew, Dylan, had graduated. Fallon did so, then Cusack asked him to please sign a card. He did — it was a musical card.

John Cusack insisted that Fallon then “Date it.” He then asked Fallon to give his nephew a “donation.” Jimmy Fallon pulled out his wallet and got some money out.

Fallon said “I’m a fan of every movie you’re been in.” He told Cusack that “Your next film is one with martial arts in it, right?”

John Cusack said that it was, and he will be in it with Jackie Chan. “You turned me onto a band called The Clash,” Fallon told Cusack. Fallon said that it changed him and how he felt about music.

Jimmy Fallon and John Cusack talked about Brian Wilson’s life and music. Fallon said that he had read a lot of books about Brian Wilson and his inspirations.

“It was a little tricky making a movie about Brian Wilson,” Cusack said, “because he’s still alive. I got to meet him and go to his house. He managed to get through the hard times.” Fallon showed a clip from the Beach Boys movie, Love and Mercy, then said the show would be back with Chita Rivera.

Jimmy Fallon

“Our next guest is a Tony Award-winning actress!” Fallon said after the commercials. “Ladies and gentlemen, give a warm welcome to Chita Rivera!”

She said “I can’t believe that I’m seeing you eye-to-eye!” They talked about the T.V. series, The Walking Dead, and Rivera told him that she loved the show and would like to be a guest on it. “I’m halfway there, already,” she said.

Jimmy Fallon then talked about the tons of roles Rivera has had in Broadway plays, and added that “You’ve been nominated for your 10th Tony!”

Rivera told Fallon that “The Visit” is “a little dark.” John Doyle is the director of the play. Fallon asked Rivera to “teach me a dance move. You go first and I’ll watch you.”

She showed Fallon some dance moves, saying “We do this four times,” and giving him other directions. They both did the moves side-by-side.

“That’s what I’m talking about, right there!” Fallon exclaimed. He said “Stick around,” because the next guest would be Ricky Martin.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show returned, Jimmy Fallon introduced Ricky Martin, singing Mr. Put It Down. Fallon said he has sold “over 85 million albums world-wide.” Ricky Martin did an amazing job, showing that he is still one of the most talented musical artists around. The back-up dancers were impressive, also, and Martin threw in some dance moves of his own as he sang. The audience cheered and applauded wildly as Martin finished singing.

The terrific performance by Ricky Martin ended the show, other than when Jimmy Fallon briefly returned and thanked his guests, and went up and down the aisles greeting audience members. Speaking of his guests, tonight they were John Cusack, talking about his latest role as Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, and actress Chita Rivera, who talked with Fallon about her career and the Broadway play she is starring in, “The Visit.”

Written By Douglas Cobb

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