Joyce Carol Oates Makes It to the Dumbest Person of the Year List for Her Jurassic Park Tweet

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Joyce Carol Oates just made it to the dumbest person of the year list, owing to her recent tweet about Jurassic Park and dinosaur conservation. The well-known and renowned author, Oates is a professor at the prestigious Princeton University. She was also nominated for Pulitzer Prize, one of the most revered awards in the world, given to authors for their remarkable work in literature. The 77-year-old author took to tweeting on June 9, 2015 about her love for dinosaurs, the triceratops, to be precise.

Oates was completely appalled and outraged by a photo from Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg’s brilliant and stunning venture into the world of dinosaurs. She came across a shared photo on Twitter, and vented her frustration at the merciless killing of dinosaurs around the world. Honestly, it is not just Oates alone, who should be a part of the dumbest person of the year list for her Jurassic Park tweet. Chris Tilly, IGN Movie Editor, also deserves to be on the elite list. Tilly shared a photo showing Spielberg with one of the film’s dinosaurs that appeared to be ‘dead.’ Tilly tried to sound smart and express his love for animal conservation. He tweeted, “This guy thinks it’s cool to kill defenseless animals and then take a selfie. Jerk.”

OatesAfter this, Oates, joined in this senseless castigation, and expressed her love for animal conservation. She tweeted, “So barbaric that this should be allowed…No conservation laws in effect wherever this is?” Many out of her 122 thousand followers quickly responded to her tweet, pointing out that it was not an actually dead animal. It was a mechanical Triceratops used in the film. The photo is of the Oscar award-winning director Spielberg, posing on the set of his 1993 film. Oates is not the first person to think that Spielberg was a heartless hunter, and was mercilessly showing off his prized catch in the tasteless image. The photo of Spielberg in front of his ‘hunting trophy’ has fooled many people on the internet.

Last year, Jay Branscomb, posted the photo on Facebook as a joke with a caption, “Disgraceful photo of recreational hunter happily posing next to a Triceratops he just slaughtered. Please share so the world can name and shame this despicable man.” This post had caused a huge stir with people commenting about how the bones of the Triceratops were made of the strongest elements in nature. They suggested that the dinosaurs were being hunted mercilessly for the smuggling and other uses of their bones and tusks.

Oates’ tweet is both funny as well as sad for the simple reason that she was trying to raise awareness by tweeting for animal conservation and against hunting. She is a lover of all creatures, and wants laws to protect and conserve endangered species on our planet. Unfortunately, dinosaurs like the triceratops went extinct around 65 million years ago. The sad part is that people and activists who work for animal conservation, are seen from the same judgemental point of view due to people like Oates. There is no dearth of such fake people, who think that tweeting about animal conservation makes them look cool and progressive. They use the fake agendas to sound important in conversations among their peers.

Whether Oates tweeted that as a joke, is still unconfirmed. However, it is bound to create a lot of buzz about the latest edition from the series, Jurassic World, which opens Friday, June 12. Oates just made it to the dumbest person of the year list, due to her recent tweet and blind rant about Jurassic Park and dinosaur conservation, by calling for conservation laws against dinosaur hunting.

Opinion by Ankur Sinha

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