‘Kate Plus 8’ Sextuplet Star System Sensation

Kate Plus 8

Kate Plus 8, a show originally airing on the discovery channel about Kate Gosselin giving birth to six babies, showed signs of being aligned with the Castor sextuplet star system creates a sensation. Kate Plus 8 was later picked up by The Learning Channel (TLC) as America went wild, no one could figure out how one woman could grow six lives in one maternity cycle, leading curious fans intrigued about Gosselins’ sextuplet sensation. On June 19, 2000, the dawn of the millennia gave astronomers something to be fascinated about as the European Space Agency (ESA) uses a device called XMM – Newton to find intracate details of the Castor sextuplet star system.

Astronomers for centuries have linked life and birth here on earth to the starry skies above. Scientists today in the twenty-first century have proved the, “Star of Nazareth’ referred to as biblical Jesus was born most likely in the month of June as the magi followed the brightest star shining in the eastern night sky. The Astronomers do not try to debunk religious beliefs by sharing this astronomical proof, yet help the world understand the meaning and importance of understanding what is happening above.

Kate Plus 8

When looking into detail and further information any person of the human link to specific constellations and stars in ancient past, any person can see once delving in with a little research. Curious astronomers wonder if Kate Plus 8‘s children are represented by the new sextuplet star system sensation called Castor. Castor is the Greek mythological twin of Pollux in the constellation of Gemini, having three binary star systems totaling to six total stars. In Greek, Castor derived from Kastor means for one to excel shine or prosper.

Prior to the famous show Kate Plus 8, the family was made up of Gosslin and her Husband Jon when they gave birth to their first set of twins in October of 2000. Later due to fertility treatment Gosslin gave birth to sextuplets in the year 2004. Astronomers and philosophers have been debating the connection to: XMM – Newton’s astronomical findings of sextuplet star system sensation called Castor and the relevance of its finding to now famed show Kate Plus 8. To make the conclusion all speculators shall research and come to an opinion on ones own, deciding if the stars can be used for any personal reflections of importance.

By Samantha Estock

Edited by Chanel van der Woodsen


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