Kendall Jenner Gets AIDS Awareness From Marc Jacobs

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Kendall Jenner gets AIDS awareness from Marc Jacobs. Other than her sky rocketing modeling career and being known as Kris Jenner’s daughter, linking her to the Kardashian’s, many do not know about the youngest Jenner. The world still has plenty to learn about this particular Jenner. Rather, the world can learn a lot from her, as Jenner gains AIDS awareness from Jacobs, fashion extraordinaire at the 22nd Annual amFAR Cinema against AIDS Gala.

On Thursday, May 21, 2015, the flawless Jenner was spotted celebrating this event alongside the most cutting edge celebrities in France at The Hotel du Cap-Eden Roc in Cap d’Antibes, France. If one was not aware, American Foundation For AIDS Research (amFAR) is the company leading the world out of the destruction AIDS has and is currently causing. They have a mission and plan to raise awareness and rest in full assurance that one day humanity can sigh in relief at the goal of being 100 percent AIDS free.  It seems, the youngest Jenner’s humble heart and pure beauty, causes media vultures to oversee and misjudged her character at times.

So, what can people learn from the lovely young Jenner other than how to apply makeup, take selfies, and strut down the catwalk? People can learn to go out and raise awareness for something they are passionate about. Whether one is fighting a disease and would like to equip and encourage youth to overcome and conquer the battle, if one is vegan and wants to preserve the sanctity of life, or even taking a stand on any political topic, one will fully feel the global change. The point is to get active and hope in a better world, starting individually, every day with words and deeds. This is what the youngest Jenner has done in her first step toward learning more about AIDS awareness, sweeping the modelling industry in storms as Jacobs has started a fund-raising foundation.

Selfie expert Jenner and the Gala really brought beauty and light to such a scary epidemic of death that seems to be a blinding reality in the 21st century. Where there is death they brought life, where there was sickness they brought healing, where there was fear Jenner brought hope. Even renowned actress Charlize Theron flew to Africa, bringing peace to poverty, by sharing the plan to end AIDS completely.


Hope is held in the hands of amFAR as they believe in a world without AIDS. If one searches “amFAR about” anyone can see the practicality behind the rational reasoning and plans they have established. The word impossible separated with just a tiny space can have a whole other meaning, “I’m Possible!” Looking forward with anticipation and such excitement in the future of health, the pursuit with an eager stance for change, still stands.

Wanting to know what sparked the hearts of Jacobs, Jenner and all the other advocates and how they proactively started seeking change, some questions come to mind. Do they have friends and family affected by the disease, or have they been ingrained with merciful hearts, and care without having any link or connection to one of the most brutal killers around the globe, AIDS?

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is what the acronym AIDS stands for. This is when HIV has completely suppressed a person’s immune system and they have a hard time fighting off even the smallest viruses. If one is not aware, the United Nations has a team, UNAIDS, because the world population is now infected with AIDS to an extent where the government thinks it is time to step in. With seven billion people around the world, it is a devastating estimation that around thirty-five million people had AIDS in the year 2013 with a total of 1.5 million reported fatalities.

This eye-opening topic of raising AIDS awareness for all of Jenner’s and even Jacobs’ fans, can hopefully help them to not only do the same, but make safe decisions as well. Look to her poise, elegance, and class, when trying to make decisions about health safety. Think of what ways she would spend her time focusing on creating her dreams into reality, and raising awareness for others to make smarter, wiser, over all better choices that have the chance to affect humanity in a positive way.

Opinion By Samantha Estock


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