KFC Serves ‘Nasty Fried Rat’ in Place of ‘Finger Lickin’ Chicken Tenders?

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A Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant in Los Angeles, California, reportedly served nasty fried rat to a man who had ordered a bowl of three-piece chicken tenders, which the fast-food chain’s punch line claims to be “Finger Lickin’ Good.” KFC was panned across social media after the man, identified as Devorise Dixon, claimed that when he went back to the restaurant with photos and his receipt, the restaurant manager simply offered him a free meal.

Dixon declined the free meal and posted the photos of the fried ‘rat’ as he claims on Facebook. He also mentioned that it sent chills through his entire body and he has been feeling disgusted and weird since the incident. He advised everyone to avoid fast-food and has also posted a video on the social networking site. People have questioned the fast-food chain and demanded explanation for the ‘Fried Rat tenders’ which was served by the restaurant. KFC has responded to the post, saying that they were aggressively trying to contact Dixon to continue the verification process.

KFCDixon, a security guard, said that when he took a bite, it tasted nasty and he spit it out. It was very hard and rubbery, and when he looked at it, the piece had the shape of a rat with its tail intact. On closer inspection, Dixon confirms that it turned out to be a fried rat in his takeaway. He also claims that the restaurant manager was shocked too and agreed that it was a rat and apologized to him. He has put the tender in a freezer and is lawyering up.

The pictures have gone viral and have sparked a huge debate about the process of cooking and frying in these large-scale fast-food chains. KFC officials spoke to media about the incident and have refuted any claims made by Dixon about the KFC outlet serving a nasty fried rat in place of its Finger Lickin’ chicken tenders. They have said that the customer’s claims were found baseless in an internal investigation conducted by KFC. They have categorically denied finding any evidence to support Dixon’s claims.

KFC officials said that they gave utmost importance to food safety and went on to boast about it being a priority in all KFC outlets across the world. They also mentioned that such allegations against the chain were taken very seriously. They informed in a post on Facebook that KFC had tried to contact Dixon many times regarding the issue, but could not get through to him. Dixon has refused to talk to the officials of the fast-food chain or their attorney.

Another famous fast-food chain, McDonald’s, had also been embroiled in a similar controversy when a breaded chicken head was served with its fried chicken wings. KFC has claimed that their chicken tenders often differ in shape and size. They have also informed that Dixon has refused to hand over the piece of the chicken tender for an independent lab test at their own expenses to evaluate if it was truly a nasty fried rat instead of chicken tenders.

By Ankur Sinha

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