Kris Jenner Jealous of Caitlyn Post-Vanity Fair Sex Change Reveal


Kris Jenner has yet to congratulate her ex-husband, Bruce Jenner, who revealed his Vanity Fair cover yesterday afternoon. This time, the athlete appeared as his true self — a woman. Bruce Jenner, who now goes by the name of Caitlyn, has received tremendous support from the likes of family members to Lady Gaga to Barack Obama. Unfortunately for him, the momager has not shown her support publicly, leading the media to believe that she is jealous.

The 59-year-old, who married her former partner in 1991, explained how devastated she was when learning that the man who she had been married to for 23 years was living a second life. In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she was overwhelmed with emotions when her ex-husband made one last stop to her Calabasas mansion before he was to reveal himself as a woman.

The mother-of-six felt as if her ex-husband had died, and that the changing of his identity was one of the most painful things she would experience in life. During the filmed conversation, the momager went on to confess that she would not know how to react when he revealed himself to the public as a woman, but she supported him all the way. However, while the entire family has congratulated and praised Caitlyn Jenner’s bravery, the former talk-show host has stayed silent on the whole thing, leading some to believe she is jealous of her husband’s new-found fame following his Vanity Fair cover reveal.

While sources acknowledge the fact that Kris Jenner is finding it hard to adjust to her ex-husband’s new life, there is a sense of jealousy somewhere which is stopping her from feeling as joyful as the rest of the family. Since the Vanity Fair cover was unveiled, many have pointed out how stunning the 65-year-old looks, stressing that she overshadows her ex-wife in the looks department by a mile. With the public’s reaction being rather positive, the former athlete was then embraced on Twitter, becoming the fastest-growing Twitter user ever, earning 1 million followers in less than 24 hours. Clearly, people are interested and happy for Caitlyn Jenner.

Furthermore, with her upcoming transgender docu-series airing on E! later this year, producers feel much more comfortable airing the program without having to put up with scrutiny, now that they have seen the reaction of others. Nonetheless, a source for RadarOnline reveals, “Caitlyn’s instant rise to fame and support has everyone now focused solely on her and not on the Kardashians anymore. This was Kris’s biggest fear.”

According to the insider, Kris Jenner firmly believes that her ex-husband could potentially become competition for her in terms of business and success. While the Kardashians have ruled the E! network with their hit reality shows for more than seven years, the 65-year-old athlete-turned-socialite’s gender reveal is what everybody is talking about. Not even Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy announcement was able to shift people from wanting to know about the latest Vanity Fair issue. Having impressed ABC with the Diane Sawyer special that drew 18 million viewers, Caitlyn Jenner has found new success and fame, which her ex-wife may consider a rivalry in the works.

By Maurice Cassidy


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Photo Courtesy of Vanity Fair

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