Call Me Caitlyn Exclaims Bruce Jenner as He Reveals New Name and New Body on Vanity Fair Cover

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As the former Bruce Jenner has slowly been making the transition of a transgender, she has now revealed both her new name and her new body on the cover of Vanity Fair, which is set to release soon, exclaiming to the public call me Caitlyn. Posing in a white corset outfit, the former Bruce Jenner had a trying experience coming out to the public about how he felt more like a woman, though he later received mostly support from friends, family, and fans. On an emotional interview with Diane Sawyer on 20/20 Bruce Jenner stated that he did not want to reveal his name to the public, just yet, even though he had an idea of what it was. Now the former Olympian has chosen to live life as a woman name Kaitlyn, and she and fans are both happy that she has taken the path that is more true to herself.

The cover of Vanity Fair has become an interesting start for the woman, formerly known as Bruce Jenner. Now Caitlyn Jenner, has exclaimed to reporters that once the vanity fair issue is released, she will be free. Having hidden the secret of feeling more like a woman, his entire life, Bruce was afraid to come out to people, but now moving on she, in her new life as Caitlyn, is no longer afraid. Baring it all on a magazine cover, shot by the famous photographer Annie Leibovitz, the woman makes her debut, stepping into her new life and giving fans the #CallMeCaitlyn interview, in which she lets the world know that she no longer has any secrets.

Caitlyn said that Bruce always had to lie, and that everyday he was living a lie. In the interview with Diane Sawyer, Jenner stated that he knew that he wanted to be a woman ever since he was five. He even talked of the time that daughter, Kim Kardashian, walked in on him wearing a dress. He claimed that his brain felt more female than male. Caitlyn recently told reporters that if she had had had to be on her death bed as Bruce, without ever telling the world who she really was, he would have felt like his life was a waste. However, as Jenner was brave enough to tell the world who she really is, she can begin living her life to the fullest. Having already lived a wonderful life, as it appears to those who know his history, she can continue living a wonderful life by being her true self.

JennerThe beautiful cover of Vanity Fair will come out as a July issue, and features an interview inside in which Caitlyn, formerly Bruce, discusses how she feels now, after taking hormones, having plastic surgery, and working hard to be able to make a smooth transition to a woman, in which Jenner has now revealed her new name, her new body and exclaimed to the public call me Caitlyn. The show which is suppose to be created to showcase Jenner’s new life as a woman and the struggle she had as a transgender, is still supposedly in the works, however, in the meantime, Caitlyn has not shied away from the public eye, and has done everything she can to let fans and the public know how the transition has gone. With Caitlyn Jenner now prepared to live life as a woman, things should get much easier for her, as she now has the ability to live life as she wanted to, not as she thought she had to.

For transgenders who hope to one day reveal a new name and body, Bruce Jenner’s transition which is leading the public to call him Caitlyn and is now publicly featured on the cover of Vanity Fair, stands as an example of how living life truly can be as rewarding, as it can be difficult; Caitlyn exclaimed just how difficult the process was but, as posted on Twitter, is now proud for fans to “get to know her/me.” As Bruce continues to live life as Caitlyn it is likely that she will now be happier, more than ever before, as she can live life the way she has always wanted to, according to her statements.

By Crystal Boulware


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Secondary Photo Courtesy of Vanity Fair Magazine

Note: The pronouns used in this article are meant to cover both Bruce and Caitlyn’s life. Accordingly, every time the author speaks of Caitlyn the pronoun used is she and every time the author speaks of Bruce, the pronoun is he.