Enrique Iglesias Seriously Injured in Concert Drone Accident [Graphic Video]


Enrique Iglesias has been seriously injured in a drone accident that occurred during a concert held this past weekend, on Saturday May 30. He sought immediate medical attention after his show, and has reportedly gone to see a specialist since.

As for why the singer did not get help immediately after the incident occurred, reports have stated that he was insistent on continuing the show regardless of the severity of his injury, as to not disappoint or let down his fans in any way. Therefore, despite being given advice regarding the urgency of canceling the concert and going to the doctor, Iglesias continued on for another half an hour before finally succumbing to his medical needs. He had been performing for almost an hour when the incident occurred. The crowd he was playing to is said to have consisted of some 12,000 people. He flew back to Los Angeles to see the specialist after meeting first aid at the Tijuana airport, where his injury was thus tended to.

Recent news on the matter has revealed that the 40-year-old will be undergoing reconstructive hand surgery to fix the damage. The surgery is said to be taking place today, June 1. His representative confirmed that he would be returning to Mexico to continue his current tour on July 3rd, and thanked all of the fans for their well-wishes and support following the entertainer having been seriously injured in the concert drone accident.


The accident instantly made headline news all over the internet, and many people were not too sympathetic towards what had happened. Indeed, Iglesias was called stupid by multiple people who watched videos of the unfortunate accident on YouTube and other sites, with people saying that attempting to catch a flying drone was one of the most unwise decisions they could think of. He was thus ridiculed a great deal, although dedicated fans and concerned individuals came to his aid and pointed out that everyone does things sometimes that may not seem so smart in the end.

At the end of January, Iglesias became involved in a lawsuit over his hit track Bailando. Two song writers, Cristian Escuti and German Schulz, are accusing the singer of stealing the song from them, one called Quiero Bailar Contigo. They are also accusing Sony of “musical conspiracy” due to the fact that they sent a cut of the track to the company, never heard back, and then became aware of Iglesias’s song upon its release in 2014 (the songwriters in question claim to have written theirs in 2009.) The attorney of the men was asked to provide a clip of the track to TMZ, in order for people to better compare the song. but this request was refused.

Enrique Iglesias is currently undergoing reconstructive hand surgery following being in a drone accident during a recent Mexico concert, and injuring his hand very seriously. He is said to be on the mend, and will be ready to return to the current leg of his tour in July, following the end of his road to recovery.

By Chanel van der Woodsen


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