Vince Vaughn and Texas Take Same Controversial Stance on Gun Control

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Vince Vaughn has made some pretty controversial statements in regards to his stance on gun control, however recently it appears that Texas and Vaughn have the same stance. Many are bothered by some of the statements recently made by Vaughn but others are applauding the actor for speaking out on the matter. Obviously the issue of gun control is one that is widely debated in the United States. One side stands firm that allowing people to have guns is what allows them to kill with guns, but the other side says that trying to take away the right to bear arms and not allowing carry in public is what is allowing those who have ill intentions to kill, with no one being able to defend. A legislator in Texas agreed with the latter statement, as a bill has recently been passed allowing concealed carry of guns on school campuses, in the state. However, even though many are beginning to take the same stance as Vaughn, perhaps what is upsetting critics is the words that Vaughn chose to express his stance on gun control. Or perhaps they are just upset because the actor believes in open carry anywhere.

Vaughn recently made many ill reputed remarks about his beliefs on gun control, or the need to have none. The website Perez Hilton wrote about the matter, covering the interview that will be featured in the July issue of GQ, in which Vaughn was not reluctant to take his interview from the basic one to a politically charged one. Going from Edward Snowden is a hero to his belief in open gun control, Vince made many remarks that are sure to upset fans, but the actor has never been one to hold back from sharing his beliefs.

gun controlIn the interview Vaughn compares keeping guns from people to keeping forks from fat people. “Banning guns is like banning forks in attempt to stop making people fat. Taking away guns…won’t rid the world of criminality.” This was not the only controversial remark that Vaughn made. He said that mass shootings only happen in places where guns are not allowed, where people “sick in the head” can kill innocent people. He said people “shoot up these [explicit] schools because they know there are no guns there.” This is where Vince Vaughn and Texas take the same controversial stance on gun control.

Despite school campuses fighting the bill, Texas legislators still passed a bill that will allow for concealed carry on school campuses. Now, college students over the age of 21-years-old can carry a gun with a license, everywhere on school campuses, except for in designated gun-free zones. This is in an effort to keep mass killings from happening at high education campuses of Texas. As school shootings have been increasing over the last couple of years, many educators and students in Texas, as well as apparently the House and Senate, believe that it is vital that teachers and students be able to protect themselves and others from an attack by a gun wielding student. However, in the same degree, allowing students to have guns on campus, may further help an attack take place, but as other students or educators may also be carrying concealed weapons, perhaps it will allow an attack to be stopped before dozens are killed. The latter was the idea behind the bill passed in Texas.

Vaughn supports the same ideas, as his statements reflect. Though he says that the right to bear arms was because of the duty citizens have to stop a corrupt and abusive government, he says that the right to bear arms was also for more than just to stop burglars, who may enter a person’s home. He believes that while it is good that people can have guns in their home, he supports having guns openly “full stop.”

There are many people who agree with the controversial stance that both Vince Vaughn, and more recently Texas, seem to take on gun control. However, there are also many people that believe that the only way that gun violence will stop is by banning the carry of guns all together. It is likely that neither stance will end gun violence, which is why the topic is so controversial, but at the same time no one will know until one side or the other is carried out completely. Until then Vaughn has made some enemies with his most recent statements, which are likely to surface when the GQ issue comes out in July.

By Crystal Boulware

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